Game screen freezes, but game is still playing in the background

I have all the req to play and have been playing since .8. I am playing on medium settings specifically to eliminate any potential graphical issues. I do not have current drivers, however, I haven’t had any issue until the last day or two. Also, as of today I heard that the latest NVidia drivers are crap, so I chose not to update at this time. I am only about 2 or three drivers behind - this should not be the issue. I have max FPS limited to 60, not in streamer mode or any of that stuff.

After about 10 minutes or so, the game screen, where ever I am at at the time, freezes. So far it has happened in a Monolith map, in the End Times looking in the Echo for a new map to select. And in a zone in the Ruined Era - not sure which. It roughly takes the same amount of time before this happens. It is instant with no indication there will be a failure. The odd thing is that I can still hear the game running behind the locked screen - I hear my character move, I can cast spells, etc. I can even hear the menu pop open - I just can’t see anything to interact further.

The only way to close the game (because I cannot navigate the menu’s without seeing them) is to Alt Tab to Steam, and have steam stop the process, or enter Task Manager to End Process.

update: I reinstalled the game, and reinstalled to the latest NVidia drivers (I was only 1 driver behind) and this issue is worse. I don’t even get 10 minutes, I get about 1 to 2 minutes before this happens. I ran a CPU and GPU stress testers - MSI Afterburner as a monitor, and MSI Krombuster as a stress tester, ran it for about 30 minutes with nothing out of the ordinary - so I;d like to rule out a problem with my GPU. CPU was pegged at 20% load. RAM usage was minimal (I have 32gig). I should have mentioned that this started to happen with .9e. What else do you need from me to further diagnose this issue?