Game resolution resets to windows (desktop) resolution when ALT + TAB out while a loadscreen is ongoing

EDIT: i noticed that this is not 100% reproduceable. seems like it takes some timing and the right moment to ALT + tab back to the game. I edited the how to slightly

How to reproduce:

Ingame settings:

Display Mode: Borderless Window
Screen Resolution: [Something different from your desktop resolution]

  1. Now produce a loadscreen by changing area or log into a character.
  2. ALT + Tab out of the game to do something in browser for example
  3. go back to the game (after about 50-70% of the loadscreen while the loadscreen still happens, this might take several tries)
  4. Wait for loadscreen to end

Your game will now be rendered in your desktop resolution (even tho ingame settings will still show old resolution)

To name some numbers:

My desktop resolution is 3840x2160
My system can’t run thegame on that resolution so i have the game on 2560x1440

Now when i Alt + Tab while a loadscreen is going on the game will be rendered with 3840x2160 Once i reload the graphic settings game jumps back to 2560x1440

Hey there…

I am struggling to reproduce this issue…

  • I am using 1920x1080 on my desktop (highest my monitor goes)
  • I set the in-game to 1680x1050
  • I open a town portal and alt tab as the loading screen shows. No res change
  • I open a teleport circle and load a mono and alt-tab as the loading screen shows…No res change
  • I have tried this at borderless window and full screen

When messing around I did notice an odd minimisation of the Last Epoch window while alt tabbing but it never resets the resolution in game…

I am using a 1060 with dual monitors, all in-game settings on very low with features disabled and fps limit at 60fps.

Any chance you can post your player.log (contains the game debug info for the devs), your le_graphicsmanager.ini and perhaps your dxdiag report output?

Whenever things involve graphics like this my gut feeling is always to check the display settings at a driver level and see if there is something that could be doing this… Maybe even see what versions of the gpu drivers you are using…

Also… You mention your monitor supports higher resolutions… Does it have some sort of auto setting that could be involved - i.e. your monitor doesnt like to change resolution after alt tabbing… I know some TV based monitors struggle with this when using them with PCs - not saying this applies to yours, its just something to check…

EDIT: I have seen a similar issue with high res 4k where a player, like you has to use a lower res to play but found that every time he started the game it would reset to his desktop resolution - if he changed his desktop resolution then the game reset to match… Only difference is that this ONLY happened when he started the game and not like your Alt-Tabbing…

It could very well be that there is some bug with the higher res setting…

Hi i tested it again and it turned out my description was a little bit wrong. i edited the “how to” maybe you could try it again i can very reliable reproduce it i might make a video about this later.

thanks for testing

Ok… I will try it again… Although I must confess its pretty hard to do when the game is running off an NVME drive - the load screens are fast… I literally have a second or two to do the alt-tab out and back again on some loads and I doubt I will be able to hit your 50%-70% target window…

I’ll try again tomorrow but it might be worth seeing if anyone can do this on a slower harddrive - i.e. with longer load screens that make it easier to tab back and forth before the game changes…

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