Game Progression overview for New Players ((0.91 UPDATED))

Here’s the Levelling Progression Strategy as it exists today:

  1. Campaign (9 Acts) gets you to Level 50-55
    – Gearing during this stage is generally not important
    – Take what RNG drops and go
    – Enjoy the story

  2. Monolith of Fate begins and will get you from Level 50 to Level 80-90
    – Gearing becomes more important
    – Identify what specific type of gear for each slot will be good for YOUR CLASS AND BUILD e.g. 2x Copper Rings for a Crit Strike Chance Build focused character (Note: If you don’t know what will be good, ASK THE COMMUNITY – we’re awesome!)
    – In Each Slot, gear up a Level 20 Rare that has the two affixes and two suffixes that supplement your build.
    – You can use uniques and sets that benefit your build and may be better than a rare in the same slot.

  3. Empowered Monolith of Fate (Level 80 to 100 +Endgame Start)
    – Build Exalts with T21-22 using the same strategy as the Rares (T20) strategy above
    – Farm for Uniques (including LP) and Sets that enhance the build
    – Get to 100% Critical Avoidance
    – Farm for Empowered Blessings to enhance the build
    – Get to 75%+ on all resistances
    – Use Idols to fill in holes in resistances

  4. Empowered High Corruption Monolith of Fate Survival (Extreme Endgame)
    – The current Meta is to farm for Health Idols, Hybrid Health Suffixes, High Endurance stats and/or Ward to survive the extreme damage of endgame mob attacks
    – Farm to maximize Empowered Blessings
    – Farm for high LP Uniques for your build so that you can merge the perfect T21-24 Exalts into them
    – Farm for High Health Idols

If I missed anything please post so I can edit this for new players.


Hi, where do dungeons fit in? I am an alt person, but some chars are getting higher level and I keep accumulating keys. Should I wait on using them? Thank you for this post!

Excellent question.
Dungeons can be done at any time, some can skip sections of the Campaign, though I wouldn’t recommend this for your first character.

  1. The Soulfire Bastion is the first dungeon I would do – It is a dungeon that has many ways to acquire Uniques and Exalts that use a currency generated in this dungeon alone; so generally you leave a swath of murder and destruction in your wake clearing both floors completely and use said currency to target farm. This is a fun dungeon I would do a few runs of around L60.

  2. The Temporal Sanctum Dungeon is the dungeon you must complete to craft a Legendary item. A Legendary is created by combining a Unique item with “LP” (Legendary Potential) and an Exalt. You can probably start doing this dungeon at the end of the Campaign, but you might want to wait until you understand the various game systems in full, which will happen naturally as you approach endgame. I would save these keys for endgame.

  3. The Lightless Arbor Dungeon has a late game gold sink vault mechanic for gambling huge (and I mean HUGE) amounts of gold away. It is good for farming large quantities of Exalts and Uniques all at once. You can use these keys as you see fit, with the big rewards coming after you have loads of spare cash (meaning late endgame).

Keep in mind these are my opinions and there are tons of threads about the various mechanics and uses of the Dungeons in the forums if you search for them.

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Fair enough! Looks like I’ll be trying my first dungeon today, thank you again for the informative post!

I’m adding a section here for general information:

When leveling an alt, regardless of class, I usually spec every single piece of gear I know of with + to move speed: (Note: Items must be able to be used by low level (1-25 and have + to move speed))
– Boots: Lessons of the Metropolis(L1) or MourningFrost(L8), which later I change out for Stormtides(L24) or Eterra’s Path(L30);
– Belt: Thorn Slinger(L12), or Scavenger’s Belt(L14) (gives you haste on potion use for 30% movespeed)
– Gloves: Fighting Chance(L15),
– Weapons: Humming Bee(L6) OR Firestarter’s Torch(L1), x2 if the class can dual wield; to be replaced with Dreamthorn(L15) or Hammer of Lorentis(L1),
– Rings: 2x Arboreal Circuit (L1) which I change out for Quicksilver Ring(L12) if it’s a melee-based class
– Chest: The Falcon(L1)

I am unaware of any Uniques or Set pieces that are in the Helm, Amulet, Relic, or off-hand (Catalyst) slots that have + to Move Speed and are Low Level.

Please, if I have missed any, reply below so I can update this thread.

Here’s my levelling progression on my last two characters:

  1. Create a new character.
  2. Teleport to your friend in The End Of Time and unlock the specialization quest.
  3. Join him running empowered monoliths with good XP bonuses.
  4. Gain several levels per run.
  5. Get to level 60 in a few hour’s time and rinse through the story missions to get more passive points and unlock idol slots.
  6. Continue running monoliths with your friend and save yourself a ton of time.

Of course not everyone has a friend to play with but if you do seriously just skip all the boring story content and get to the end game as quickly as you can. You can even equip some decent uniques farmed by your other characters to make your sustainability better.

Where do i farm these friends you speak of? not seen one yet in the game, is it a new unique or idol?


Old Macdonald used to have a farm for this. :wink:

There is an amulet for Shapeshifters - lvl 22 with up to 15% movespeed and 160% dmg while transformed - Chimaera’s Essence.

I used it all the way through Story on a Bear Druid (still using it in Monoliths).

I believe Lich could also use it.

Also Scavenger belt is like a PoE Quicksilver in a way - lvl 14 and gives Haste (30% movement) for 3 seconds after using potion. Also has 100% to potion find (they drop all the time from everything basically).

I didn’t like Chimera’s because it only have movespeed when you are Transformed, which you can’t do until you get to End of Time, around L20-25. (and I use it on my lightning bear as well)

Scavenger Belt is a great suggestion! Thanks!

Updated to include Firestarter’s Torch (L1) in twink items which has +4% movespeed

In the first few areas of the game, filter for Physical and Void resists.
Next, set filters for Necrotic and Fire.
Then, the rest of the elements.
Lastly, Poison resists.

New information 0.91:
LEGENDARIES no longer increase the Level requirement when you make them legendary – so this means you can get some T6/7 Move Speed Exalts merged into all those juicy movespeed items listed above.
WEAVERS WILL RELICS have pretty low level requirements (L30 for the Acolyte Relic as an example) that will give you +1 to all skills and you have a GREAT chance to get a T7 +4 skill upgrade to really twink yourself to death for building all those alts you know you want.

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