End game builds - What should i aim for?

Hey fellow epochists, i have been really enjoying last epoch for the last couple of weeks.
i have been playing swarmblade build i found on the web, but now i want to change up my build for the empowered monoliths, but this time around i want to try to build one for myself.
My question is: what are some general stats goals (For example:capping resistances) i should keep in mind and thrive for while planning a build for end game? Thank you for the help!

Hi welcome,
So defensily you want
capped res (it is not as bad as poe if you are not capped),
capped crit avoid (or less bonus damage if you have a 2h),
as much life you can slap on your character (hybrid life being the best affix, then increased)
some DR (aspect of the boar, maybe a titan heart if you have a 2h)

Offensively you need to determine if you want to hit or not.
If yes, probably crit chance, flat dmg (either spell or melee)
If you are going spell dot, a ton of flat spell.
If you are going ailments, if you the best is trying to have as much chance to inflicg your ailment.
And always some increased damage accordingly.

I would say these are the very basic rules
You can add some armor, or evasion, some more dmg or certain uniques (throne of ambition for fire and cold build)

Edit : I forgot endurance capped too

I have a good summary in another post called “Game Progression Overview for New Players” that addresses this question.

Thank you! that helps a ton