Game needs transparency for objects that get too close to the camera for example

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i noticed it here as well this seems to be the only place effected because of those trees

I had the same thing happen to me.

I noticed in a few other places but it was never anywhere close to this place, usually just a pillar or something strange but could be ignored, this fight was hard tho :slight_smile:

I’d like to piggyback on this post to add they should be completely removed, not just made transparent.

The reason is that skills that get placed on the ground, like Frost Wall or Glyph of Dominion, would instead be placed above those structures.

There are some maps with narrow tunnels where I have to go back to the entrances because it’s impossible to place things on the ground.

There are a few tunnels during the campaign where you also lose sight of your character and the mobs it’s fighting.