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Game needs a couple of big megaunikes for each class with very low drop chance

As other many ganes it would be cool to have a couple of unikes that makes a diference.

For example a 2 handed sword with lech hp 25% and melee adeed phosical damage and incresed phisiscal damage tier8 and a couple more of usefull stats tier 5

or a wand + 2 extra mage skeleton + 2 extra archers skeletons + 200% minion speel damage + 20 added adaptative spell damage and 15% minion leech hp

shield with 60% blok chance / 1800 blok rate
+1 all skills , 25 all resistences , 150 endurance treshold / 20% endurance

ring + 8 all atributes / + 8 extra pasive skills/ +1 all skills 15% all resistences 20% elemental resistences

items like this would make ppl not only use crafted rares

and those items just drop with a very very low chance 1 every 100 in a ubber boos after has finished all empowered monos.

having a new mono lvl 110 where u need a key u have to craft with 10 drops of the other 10 empowered bosses

then u need first to farm for the key in all other empowered monos, then u need to finish the new 110 mono and almost 50 or 60 times to get the drop.

is the way of having ppl doing runs and rewarding those runs with gear

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There are plans for legendary items in future patch so they can be one. No details as of yet


lets hope they add usefull legendarys that makes a diference, cuz unikes arent very usefull and most interesting part of rpgs is expecting good drops. Thats the reason of beeing farming and farming and doing repetitive games!!!

This is exactly what im hoping they dont do, ever. Id rather have interesting stuff to play with and not have “mandatory” chase items that are always best in slot.


Yeah, I’m with you on this. While I appreciate the desire to be able to find something in that vein, if it was that “unique”/difficult to get, it’d have to be very powerful, which would mean it would skew the power of the class & with multiplayer you’d have 2 tiers of characters (/gamers), those that had the uber-items (the players are either lucky or play an unhealthy amount of time) & those that don’t.

Plus it would limit the builds to “only” those that could be built around them. It’s one of the things I don’t like with D3’s itemisation.

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I do not want legendaryes to be so simple only as buffs or that they open build possibility just in a stronger way. I would like them to be really unique maybe in a way that they are opening huild possibility with skills or conversion so u can mix 2 or more classes. But OP is right, so far ravenous void is left for me after 35 hours to play as a chase item and few uniques along with it i got like 26 uniques from 0.8.3
Edited: some of them droped so many times that they lose their utenticity to me

I agree with u on this one in a way that this items must not be best buffs in the slot but rather something more unique than current uniques (opening build possibilities by crossing different classes example and u can equip only one of tham at a time, i have a feeling they will do something like this