Game momentarily freezes after casting Entangling Roots on a Spriggan

Steps to Repro:

  • Launch Game
  • Summon Spriggan
  • Cast Entangling Roots on Spriggan
    Game will freeze for anywhere from 2 - 10 seconds.
    This ONLY happens the very first time I cast roots on the spriggan after I launch the game. Subsequent casts cause no issues
    If I close the game and relaunch I can reproduce 100% of the time

Attached is a player log, system info and a recorded video of the bug occurring as well as showing my skill trees as the buff from the roots may be causing this issue. I have no respec’d the roots to try casting it yet with no points into buff

Link to video showing bug:

Player.log (20.2 KB) DxDiag.txt (109.4 KB)

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