Game is well worth it, hope to see everyone in the future

Unfortunately, real life has its complications and this friday will be my last day to play/stream last epoch (or any game for the matter) I hope by the time of release that i can be playing again, but only time will tell!

To anyone looking to play/buy this game. It is well worth it. I sunk over 800 hours in just under 3 months and can confidently say there are still more builds i haven’t tried or pushed high end game. Not to mention there’s more classes/skills and even another playable character coming so as far as ARPGS go, no money can be wasted here.

Anyways, its been fun and i wont forget all the friends i’ve made here, hope to see most of you in the future :slight_smile:


We look forward to seeing you again in future!

Thanks for being such a fantastic member of the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also can’t really play the game anymore for the next few months. Hopefully you’ll still be around somewhat, even if you aren’t actively playing! Good luck out there

Well, for me it’s like, i had a time where i could sink hours of hours into Early Access Games, but nowdays it’s pretty hard to motivate myself. I love to check the game from time to time, but i’d say for me to truly get into the game is with the full release.

To Boardman’s point, he is exactly right . If the game shut down tomorrow and no other updates came out I would consider my money well spent.

Darn, sorry you guys will be gone for months! I’ll still hold up, and test everything, until the end. See you at release lol

No worries, man. It’s been a pleasure and many fun times in your stream.

Take care and see you in the future! <3

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@boardman21 Sorry to see you go but glad to have you for the time we did and hope to see you again in the future. We gotta play MP together!

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