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Game is unplayable due to abysmal performance

First of all the game takes about 10 mins to launch and during that period it is not responding.

After launching somehow I get about 1-8 FPS even in the menu or character selection screen.

I have a 1050ti, 8 gigs of ram and an i7-7700HQ. It is more than enough to run the game at minimum settings, but it’s still unplayable. My GPU is also at 100% all the time even in the menu and the same goes for my RAM.

Can you guys give me some answers or else I will just refund the game as it is literally unplayable, which sucks as I was really looking forward to playing this game.

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

I am guessing based on the information you have provided that you are using a Laptop and laptop components? If this is correct, then you need to understand a few things.

Your laptop 1050ti (mobile version is not the same as a desktop version) is about 75% slower than the recommended 1060 GPU and only 10% faster than the minimum GPU required to play LE…(a 660 Ti desktop GPU). This means that you are unlikely to be able to play the game at anything other than the absolute lowest settings with every special feature disabled… You are likely to have to set your resolution to 720p before you will even be able to get an average of 30fps and you may have to set an fps limit of less than 30fps just to stop your GPU from maxing out all the time.

Also… Your mobile CPU is barely as fast as the MINIMUM desktop CPU recommended for LE, an i5-2500… Because LE is very CPU intensive, this means that your system WILL struggle to process the non-graphical components of the game to the point where its likely that even with the lowest possible graphical settings, your CPU will still not be able to keep up in any in game situation where there are lots of mobs, minions or skill effects being applied to multiple targets… Your CPU will struggle tremendously in all by the most calm moments in game.

And I havent even touched on laptop specific issues that can impact performance, like power management / performance configurations, integrated GPU issues, third party applications etc.

So… based on this guesswork, your system is barely making the minimum requirement to play the game… and I dont know what settings you are trying to use…

The game isnt unplayable… it has performance issues that require optimisation which the devs are working on right now, but your system is wholly unsuited to handle it and will unlikely be able to do so with any decent performance even at the lowest possible configuration…

Sorry… but unless you plan on playing LE on a more capable machine, I would suggest you refund it…


So even though I am able to play Elden Ring and V Rising, both of which seem to have higher system requirements, I can’t run LE due to my system being weak?

I have played more demanding games than LE so how can you say that it’s my system’s fault? It doesn’t make any sense.

In any case I should at least be able to open the game but the game just get’s stuck on Not Responding. Is my system not strong enough to even open the game??

Shouldn’t I at least be able to run the game at 720p. But I can’t even get to the character selection screen since the game is stuck on Not Responding.

Mobile hardware is very different to desktop hardware and identically named components are and can be anything from 50 to 100% or more slower than their desktop equivalents. It is all simply a factor of power & heat conservation achieved usually by undervolting & underclocking components to suit the laptop environment.

Comparing a released game to a beta game known to be unoptimised isnt recommended.

Comparing games developed using different game engines isnt recommended.

Comparing games that may “look” or “seem” more demanding is impossible without knowing how the games function under the hood… I.e. LE does require a certain level of GPU capability, but it ALSO puts a lot of demand on a CPU - in some instances far more than it can put on the GPU. This combination can mean massive load on a system in busy moments… in play, and when loading the game & loading in and out of maps.

You havent including your player.logs, le_graphicsmanager.inis or anything else that can help troubleshoot your specific issue but what you describe is exactly what can and does happen when the game struggles with performance related instability on systems where the settings are too high.

If you want to try and make this work, you can attempt to edit the le_graphicsmanager.ini file and make sure that all quality settings are set to VeryLow (default to Medium on first install). and you can manually edit the resolution to 1280×720. I would also make sure that framerate limiting is true and set it to something very low like 30fps… This “should” let you get the game to load. Its probably not going to be great but it may load…

Note, I am assuming that normal maintenance & default troubleshooting has been done - i.e. recent GPU drivers (clean install), OS patches and special updates, no third party apps running, including no things like Steam overlyas and that you have made sure the install is ok by verifying the game if you are using Steam. And that your laptop is set to performance mode - not any dynamic settings - and that its definitely using the discreet GPU and not the one iGPU built into the CPU for ANYTHING while playing LE.