Game hang bug - 100% reproducible

100% reproducible game hang/crash bug.

  1. Get to the 3rd Quest Echo (aka the “Boss” echo) of any monolith. i.e. do the 1st two quests, and stop.
  2. Log out.
  3. Log in, do the 3rd aka boss Echo.

That’s it. This will hang the game 100% of the time and you have to Alt-F4 the client which causes you to lose credit (lose Stability) and have to re-run a few other echoes to regain the lost stability.

Also, if you do not lose enough Stability and are able to re-run the 3rd boss quest, it hangs again and again and again until you lose enough or re-run a normal echo.

This happens in offline mode, and I reproduced it on about 40 different characters of all classes and builds.

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Hopefully fixed in tomorrows patch

If not, provide log files and whatnot

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Not fixed.

Again, this is 100% reproducible. Just literally do any Mono until you unlock the 3 quest echos.
Then, quit the game.
Then, log back in, and try to run a quest echo.

Bam. Instant game hang.