Game Guide Corrections/Suggestions

Many of these corrections/suggestions are rather old now, but I always forget to report them when updating the CGG.

The relevant sections are followed by quoted text from the section with the necessary bulleted correction/suggestion directly below it. In one instance the correction is related to an image in that section so does not include quoted text.

Skills - Skill Specialization

Doing so allow[s] you to level up that skill and invest points into its Specialization Tree. Skills have a maximum level of 20.

  • add “s” to allow

You can see your current Minimum Skill Level on the Respec button inside a skill’s tree.

  • located on the left side of the tree, just below the XP bar

Crafting - Affix Shards

  • old image used for Store Crafting Items button, which is now renamed and repositioned

Shards that drop as items are placed in your Inventory when picked up, and can be moved to the Crafting Window by pressing the Store Crafting Items button.

  • button is called Transfer Crafting Items

Crafting - Runes and Glyphs

Rune of Shaping

  • missing “:” after ‘Shaping’

You can view how many Runes you have in the Crafting window or the Crafting Items tab of your Inventory.

  • no longer a Crafting Items tab in the Inventory

You can view how many Glyphs you have in the Crafting windows or the Crafting Items tab of your Inventory.

  • no longer a Crafting Items tab in the Inventory

Items - Implicits

Each base type of item always has the same implicits, but the value of each implicit is random and cannot be changed through crafting.

  • Rune of Shaping can alter the values of item implicits through crafting

Items - Affixes

There are also Set Affixes, which grant more stats as you add the same affix to multiple items.

  • Set affixes were removed

Ailments - Blind

By default [it] applies a 50% less critical strike chance modifier and lasts for 4 seconds.

  • missing “it” between ‘default’ and ‘applies’

Ailments - Time Rot

Time Rot stacks 3 times.

  • already states that it stacks up to 12 times just above this, so not needed.

Monolith of Fate - Quest Echoes

Quest Echoes appear in the same order each time, and all Quest Echoes for the current Timeline [must] be completed to unlock the next Timeline.

  • missing “must” between ‘Timeline’ and ‘be’

Monolith of Fate - Blessings

When you conquer a Timeline you will be presented with 3 Blessings to choose from.

  • could also include that conquering a Timeline with 50+ corruption now offers 4 blessing choices, or 5 blessing choices at 200+ corruption

Combat Mechanics - Damage Effectiveness

For example, Fire Nova has a damage effectiveness of 100%, while Meteor has a damage effectiveness of (500%).

  • Fire Nova is likely either Elemental Nova or Fireball (if Fireball than damage effectiveness is 125%)
  • Meteor’s damage effectiveness is 800%

If you had “+10 spell fire damage” from your passives, 10 fire damage would be added to Fireball, while 50 fire damage would be added to Meteor.

  • either change Fireball to Elemental Nova or keep Fireball and adjust the fire damage value to 12.5 with its 125% damage effectiveness
  • Meteor will have 80 fire damage added with its 800% damage effectiveness

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