Game feels too easy and boring while leveling up

I found the initial learning experience to be quite enjoyable, eagerly anticipating the unlocking of my next skill slot. However, once all skill slots were made available, the game became excessively facile. I have found myself repeatedly utilizing the same two attack skills, one movement skill, and two defensive skills. most of my deaths came from not paying attention. Does anyone feel the same? how do you supposed to have fun in this game?

Yes, the campaign has always been very easy. The devs have said they plan to do a balance pass though when I’m not sure. Monoliths & the empowered versions are harder.

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Welcome to the forum have a good time.

The game is far to easy up to empowered monolith and every time you start a new/same mastery toon you need to play all of it again including all the monolith unlocks. This is a hot topic from time to time that resparks when new players ask for it. It’s simply boring as it is untill you reach the endgame just to find out the endgame is the same again and again ^^.

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Oh boi you’ll stop feeling like that in chapter 8

On the second day, I will try another class and concentrate on other facets of the game, such as gear crafting and storyline, instead of hastily completing quests. Hopefully I will get a different experience. On a side note, the game is awfully dark even on brighest at least in most areas in chapter 1 hope that gets fixed on release.

Hey guys, sorry about that! Please ignore my previous post. I’m actually trying to delete it now. On a happier note, I started playing as a druid today and it’s made the game so much more enjoyable and interesting with all the different forms I can take.


The campaign is easy by design. Think of it as a 10-hour tutorial You are not supposed to die in it nor have any problems. Even part 1 of the end-game (standard Monoliths) is similarly easy and will probably not kill you either (some bosses might). The real challenge does not kick in until you reach Empowered Monoliths and start corrupting them.

Just to put all this in context, the average character in this game will spend about 5% of its total playtime in the campaign and the standard Monoliths, and then 95% in the endgame that comes after that.

This HIGHLY depends on how you play the game. At level 80 the game slows down so much and you don’t get gear upgrades anymore (untill you wear trash). I don’t think there is any reason to play anymore then 200 corruption or higher then lvl 85-90 because the game is stupid slog starting there and all the fun is sucked out of the game if you played it multiple times for multiple chars.

I have 20 Alts, 80% of them are in Empowered Monoliths. My experience is the exact opposite of yours. I have 3000 hours in this and am really looking forward to the next 3000.

And the comment about no upgrades after level 80 is just mind-blowing. I am getting (well crafting) upgrades all the time even for very high level chars. Are you ignoring the crafting possibilities? Gear does not drop in this game, you have to craft it.

Let me give an example. All my Alts have an inventory full of items I am currently working on via crafting. And I do not mean Uniques waiting for exalted. These are all work in progress rares. The moment a Despair rune drops I can upgrade any of these items for whichever Alt I choose and there is a very high chance it will become an upgrade for that char, regardless of level.

You should be aiming for every non-Legendary item slot to have a rare with a useful affix sealed, and 4 other affixes that are good (if not perfect) for your build, and are tier 5 or higher and with good rolls. In your Legendary slots you should have Legendaries that have had LP and have been fused with a decent exalted and got the extra affixes you wanted. (I have often farmed a dozen copies of certain Legendaries - plus crafted the dozen exalted items to fuse at the forge - and kept at it till I got the perfect item).

Sounds a lot but it is actually quite possible to aspire to the above and make it happens through a combination of target farming and cunning loot filter use. This is a min-maxers’ game, with every tool a min-maxer needs to go crafting crazy in endgame. If you are not a min-maxer then I suggest you either try a few Alts or try a different game.

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All my lvl 80+ toons wear exalted+ gear, uniques and lp uniques when fitting. If I get upgrades once a day I’m happy beyond belive. I’m VERY restrictive thou and if they items I find and craft on aren’t better then the ones i wear i can’t do anything about it.
before the MP patch I had 1 lvl 100 Druid i haven’t found upgrades for in 150h of playtime.

So I don’t talk T20 gear and I don’t find better stuff anymore i talk high end gear. For example i have a hard times to change my BiS 2 LP unique with god rolls on it kind of first world problems.

Then again as soon as I have 1 item I would realy want to change because the sealed stat on it is crap guess what I don’t drop anymore ^^.

The only times I had when LE was fun were when I reset all my progress with fiddeling arround in the registry and start over. Sooner or later I end up with 100 stashes full of items to equip every toon i want to make from lvl 1-80 in a few hundret hours.Everything after this point is just torture to me because things slow down far to much.

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I’ve never experiences the slow down you mentioned and I have several high 90s chars.

Anyway sounds like more Alts or a different game is the best choice for you. At least until they add more endgame challenge. Have you pushed 1000+ corruption on all Monoliths? That is a goal I have. I am also a keen Arena player so I have an theoretical infinite challenge trying to push that further with each Alt. [This is another topic, but for me Arena IS the end-game. Farming very high corruption is simply a means to get better gear and push Arena further. It’s all about Arena].

Personally, I feel I have only scratched the surface, but bear in mind I raised those 20 Alts more or less at the same time**, switch from one to the other on a daily or even hourly basis. Yes a few of them have all BiS or very close, but many are walking around with non-T20 rares/exalteds here and there, or Legendaries with only 1 or 2 LP in play, so those are improving daily without problems. Plenty still to do. I am min-maxing all of them.

** I’d have a lot more than 20 Alts if the game permitted it.

So you hacked the game, created 100 Stash tabs full of gear and then are here complaining the endgame is too easy and you are no longer getting upgrades? I think I will stop responding now.

It’s always funny how people liking, or not liking, the game seems to cause other people actual pain.

“Oh my God!!! You don’t like/dislike the game I like/dislike!!! Now my life is ruined!!! Here, let me convince you to like/dislike the game by telling you all the things I like/dislike about it, then maybe my life can be saved!!!”

You drunk mate? I reset my progress and replayed the game from 0. In the early days of LE this was doable by deleting regestry entries.

Yes one of each mastery to keep up with the changes and one spriggan minmaxed to the.00x% regions ^^.

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just a bit to the topipc not to the discussion -.-

might be they could raise it a bit or make 2 difficultiy level, or put some higher skilled Bosses somewhere to proof your progression, BUT, i cant say that its MUCH easier than the POE or D4 campaigns or which (A)RPG whatever…

and i hope they will implement much more good stuff in, cause the way they go isnt bad, and luckily somehow different… feels until now ( i am lreally not very far in the game ) , but read a bit… there will be enough time i hope for them to adD a buch of amazing endgame mechanics for their 1.0 release

It’s called trying to help fellow players. It’s what good gaming communities do.

Thank goodness I do not have your cynicism.

There is a masochist mode if you want to :slight_smile: . Then again balancing the campaign and making it less braindead (awesome film btw) was in high demand from time to time.