Game Difficulty

Hey, just wanted to say overall I think this game is absolutely fantastic compared with other ARPGs I’ve played. My only criticism is that it feels like there is a significant difference in difficulty between the Monolith bosses and everything else in the game. The monolith bosses I’ve fought so far can easily one-shot me with some of their attacks despite me being pretty tanky, but almost everything else in the game feels like it poses zero threat to me and dies in one or two hits. I guess arena can become dangerous too if I juice the difficulty enough.

Please don’t take this as a complaint that the monolith bosses are too hard - I actually like their difficulty where it is. But I feel like most of the rest of the game is too easy. The difficulty should probably ramp up a lot more as you level.

Anyway just my 2 cents. Thanks!


:roll_eyes: first time?


The monolith quest echo bosses are supposed to have telegraphed mechanics that one shot you.

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It’s true, there is a huge difference between Monolith’s Boss and campaign boss, should be better balanced and yes, difficulty should ramp more as you level.

He didn’t say a stupid thing, your comment its stupid.
It is better to write nothing than to write irrelevant things.


Monolith fights a good challenge but 2nd half of Lagon fight seems more difficult than before.

Strange, I would consider Lagon to be probably the easiest boss to avoid one shots. Obviously don’t get hit by his beam or area attack, and just tank the claw hits. If you’re dying to the add phase you need much higher cold, lightning and physical resistance, or need to cap your crit avoidance or raise your health.

I really wish the game had diablo 2 like difficulties so we can enjoy the story as any build not just FOTM builds and have the insane 1 shots etc on the hardest.

@JMHeebs The biggest one-shotters I have encountered would be corpse dragon charge-up PBAOE and lightless arbor slam ( I haven’t fought him since the 0.9 change though).

Can you post your Last Epoch planner build link? I’d be curious to give it a look. Do you have a movement ability and an easy way to cleanse debuffs? Good movement speed boots? are you prioritizing HP, vitality, armor, strength?

If you are easily brushing aside everything else with your damage ouput, then I would suggest rebalancing your gear and affixes for a bit more defensive. It sounds like you can sacrifice some DPS for the sake of more-secure bossing! My melee beastmaster can tank/life-leech through just about everything except the big obvious slams, its quite satisfying.

Finally, potion-to-ward and ward-upon-potion affixes are fun tools. If you know you are about to get hit hard, you can preemptively chug potions for the burst of ward. Typically potions won’t do anything if you are already full health, but with those affixes you can prepare yourself and try to come out alive.