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Game Crashing

output_log.txt (52.4 KB)

Game crashes each time going into the Waystation Complex. I have disabled Avast, but it seems to keep doing it in the same general area. Is there a fix for this?

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Same for me, it’s game breaking bug can’t finish the story…

Same here keeps freezing and crashing in about 3 to 5 mins in game . I did try it with other characters same thing. Even switching the graphics here and there. Last night the game was running just fine today … i cant play it at all

I’m crashing in this zone as well. seems to be about mid-way through no matter which path i take.

EDIT: Switch master quality to “very low” allowed me to get through the zone. Saw this mentioned in another post.

We’ve made this zone optional while we work on this issue. Thanks!

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