Game crashes when changing settings

Trying to change the graphics settings from Low to Medium. When I click Save Changes, the game freezes and eventually crashes

Player.log (132.4 KB)



You havent provided information on your hardware (dxdiag report) or what overall settings/resolution etc you are trying to use in-game (le_graphicsmanager.ini). From what I can see, you are using a GTX 3050 8GB but no other info.

LE has known performance related instability that occurs when trying to play the game in its current unoptimised state at settings that it and your hardware cannot handle.

The player.log you have provided is flooded with the exact error messages that happen when someone tries this - and increasing quality from Low to Medium has the potential to do exactly that depending on the resolution and framerate limits in place.

d3d11: failed to create 2D texture id=7254 width=2048 height=2048
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view

Your log is filled with thousands of these errors and eventually the game just crashes.

Typically taking a conservative approach for settings will resolve this problem immediately. Each player needs to find the sweet spot that works for them and their hardware… Some prefer a higher resolution so sacrifice quality and framerate, others prefer quality so sacrifice resolution and framerate, still others prefer framerate so sacrifice quality and resolution… and Stability factors need to be considered too… I am sure you get the picture…

Issues like this can also be caused by old GPU drivers, windows updates or third party apps running at the same time as testing LE (and using up limited resources the game could use).

If you are able to play at a lower quality without crashing then my gut guess (without more info) is that in your instance, its a settings config issue and you just need to lower it.


Thanks for the reply.

Hardware is:

i7 7700k (not OC’ed)
16gb RAM

I honestly would have thought this would be more than enough resources to run on medium. I don’t have any issues with gameplay at the moment, just wanted to turn up the graphics a bit.

Driver is dated 5/4/22 - I don’t usually run the very latest drivers as they are notoriously buggy.

I don’t have a lot of programs running:
Logitech G Hub

Thanks for the response

As I tried to explain above, its the combination of the 3 factors (resolution, quality & framerate) and the simple fact that the game is unoptimised at the moment.

For example… Someone using a 1060 (like I am) will find that the game is most stable at Low quality, 1080p, 60fps framerate limited… A 3050 is only about 30% to 40% faster than a 1060 3gb… so you would then have to juggle settings accordingly… I would guess Medium quality at 1080p 60fps… or low quality, 1440p, 60fps maybe stable…

Resolution, quality and framerate limit are all critical… if any is too high in relation/ not balanced with the others you WILL have stablity issues…

And thats not even considering special graphical features like AA, shadows, grass effects etc…

Only systems like 3080, 12th gen and similar/or faster can push all three at the same time… and even then, because of the unoptimised state of the game, even those monster systems will have to make compromises at some point.

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