Game crashes at launch

I’ve just started having an issue where the game can’t progress past the initial loading screen, it basically crashes instantly and after a short while Windows says it’s stopped working.

It was working fine a couple of hours ago and I’ve got around 80 hours in the game with no issues, but when trying to load the game up now it wont work. I’ve tried restarting my PC and verifying game files but neither made a difference.

Player.log (6.5 KB)
DxDiag.txt (106.3 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (496 Bytes)

Hey there, welcome to the forum.

Quick question, did you update either your drivers or Windows Patching between when you were functional and now? Did anything else change recently on your system?

You can check View Reliability History to see a record of what windows has logged.

Reason I ask is that your logfile is truncated which usually means that something external to the game is causing the problem. Typically this is driver/patch combinations - i.e. the gpu drivers were updated causing a problem with the specific os version, or an OS patch changes something and the older drivers now cause problems.

I see from your dxdiag that you are using 19045 for windows, but your GPU driver (for the 3070) is from May. There could be something there.

I also see that you are using a DisplayLink USB Hub device. The drivers for this are from April 2020 and the Displaylink website shows Sept 2022 as the latest. People using various hub system have had issues with LE in the past depending on how the system is setup so i would make 100% sure you are using the latest drivers etc - in the event that this could be causing issues.

The dxdiag diagnostics are all showing that LE is hanging but no further information is available (usually the game log helps give some idea of what could have happened but obviously its truncated). So that means its pretty hard to know exactly what could have happened.

You are running the game on fairly high settings (remember LE is in beta and has performance issues) but they should be ok. I would normally recommend using lower settings when experiencing problems but if your “working fine” is true then its probably not neccessary.

My gut feeling is drivers, os patches or something else that changed on your system.

No there was no patching or updating of anything between it working and not working. I was playing the game for an hour or so the other day, closed it, then tried to boot the game back up a couple of hours later with nothing being updated and without restarting the system, but it wouldn’t work anymore.

Odd that the GPU drivers are showing as May’s, since I updated them about a week ago, according to my Nvidia control panel I’m using 527.56 drivers which only came out this month.

I don’t think it’s the DisplayLink USB Hub; it’s never caused any issues with the game before and I’ve been using this set up for over a year. To be certain I tried booting the game up with the USB hub disconnected but it still crashes straight away.

The high settings do get my system to run a little hotter but I’ve never had performance issues on this machine. I normally would try lowering the settings if I get issues like this, but considering I can’t even load the game up it seems unlikely to be related.

I’m going to try reinstalling the game from scratch rather than just verifying the game files and see if that helps.

edit: After reinstalling it seems to be working now; I have no idea what caused the issue in the first place, maybe a file got corrupted when I last quit the game or something.

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