Game crashes and it assumes I have died

I get it that it’s a beta and we certainly do tolerate crashes. I don’t mind restarting.

However please can you implement a crash handler so that:

  1. We can send a crash report back to you, optionally
  2. Game does not assume we died - this can be irritating if MoF progress is reversed

Thank you for a wonderful game!

This isn’t a bug, though it is a good suggestion to have the crash data sent direct to EHG.

If Monolith is not reseted after a crash, players would just have to alt+F4 whenever they see they will die, it makes the monolith really easy and less thrilling to beat.
I understand that crashing is super annoying when you’re far in your monolith streak though.
Maybe they could make the monolith streak not reset after a crash/alt+F4 for offline characters ? And still reset the streak for online !

Ah so you are saying alt-f4 is a cheat method for avoiding death? Yes, a well written crash handler should be able to pick up valid crashes. Or, an attempt at one would be appreciated.

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