Game crash teleporting to end of time

Keep getting screen freeze to point of PC restart when taking a teleport to End of Time , did like 7 times in a row . Can´t even force close the game and have to restart . Please look thru

Sorry about this! I’m not able to reproduce this but I can look into it with some more information. Can you please post your log file and system information?

Did you play in previous versions, and did you have this issue then?

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Hello , yes i have played previous versions and it was working fine it was actually working fine this patch till i discovered Monolith in game , ever sence it get freezed ever 3rd screen load .
My system info :

I dont know how to share Logs the text opens in blank for some reasson :

Unfortuanaly its keep persisting for now hoping for a patch soon and crossing fingers :slight_smile:

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Hi @iddpapi,

Could you please make sure to upload the text files requested by my colleague Hackaloken?

You may need to set Windows to show hidden files and folders to see the log file.

ok i did , so its showing empty still enless its my notepad thats refusing to open logs ,

i have no idea of codding or programing but just a thought coud it be writing logs somewhere outside the folder ? Like the last screen shot in link i include with this .

I have the same (?) issue. The game crashes, when using Town Portal in order to reach the End of Time zone. I get stuck on the loading screen. No issues with regular waypoints.

Edit says: btw the End of Time zone also is always fully unexplored when i enter it (fog of war is back etc.)

I can’t upload the logfile, because its size exceeds the allowed form maximum; its also way to big for copy-pasting it here.

The only last few dozen entries all are:
A scripted object (probably ShaderPainterObjectID?) has a different serialization layout when loading. (Read 32 bytes but expected 64 bytes)
Did you #ifdef UNITY_EDITOR a section of your serialized properties in any of your scripts?

(Filename: Line: 2001)"

System Speccs: Win10Home 64 bit, Version 1903, Build 18362.267
i5-4690 CPU, 8GB Ram (corsair), Nvididia GeForce GTX 970.

DxDiag.txt (102.1 KB)

You’re still in the wrong folder, unfortunately.

Can you please make sure to carefully read the support article we linked you to?

The correct folder will be something along the lines of this;

C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

According to your images, you are instead in this folder;

D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Last Epoch\Last Epoch_Data\Logs

Unfortunately that last part of the log file doesn’t tell us too much. Could you upload the log to a file sharing service? If you compress it into a .zip or similar it will be much smaller to upload.


I too am now having a similar issue
While trying to complete the “investigate the college” quest, which I couldn’t. I read in another post where I had to go back to the ruined college. At which time I teleported where I need to, and when the load screen appeared, that’s when the game locked up. Had to ctrl alt delete and shut the game down that way. Now, I can start the game, click my character and such, but when it goes to start loading, it’s locked on that screen again. This time, Windows said the game is not responding and asked me if I wanted to shut it down. I said yes.

DxDiag.txt (75.7 KB)

output_log.txt (190.6 KB)

Update: Working again. I had Steam verify the files and that was successful. Checked my video card drivers, they were out of date. Updated those. Not sure if either one of those is what caused the issue, but I’m able to load, play and teleport again in the game.

Allright, the full log file:

Btw in one afternoon the size has grown from a few KB to over 200 MB. Is that normal? Seems way to big to me, honestly. If it continues to bloat like that… monkaS.

Edit says: Now the logfile has shrunk to 50 MB. So i guess everything is ok with these numbers (?).

Ok sorry forgot about that folder completely and why its useed , theres the Zip to my logs i had to upload and share to download i dont know how to post it here sorry :

Well, it happened again. I just completed a few Monolith runs to see what it was about. Noticed the quest line said travel to End of Time. Opened the map, clicked on the End of Time icon in the lower right corner. Showed the load screen. Locked up. Had to ctrl alt delete. Below is the log file. 52.8mb seems crazy huge for just a text file, but anyway…
Output Log