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Game Crash in the same spot three times in a row

Quest is Desert Waystation, I am on the part “Find the Artificial Waypoint”. In the zone after Titan’s Canyon, I crash going over a bridge.

Hope this is enough :confused:

Sorry, we’re looking into this issue.

Could you try setting your graphics settings to the lowest possible value? Everyone I’ve seen with this problem has said that this workaround has helped. We’ll get a proper solution in soon.

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Absolutely. I will try that after work tonight and report back if it was successful

I experienced the same issue, turned all graphics down and just got through the area without any issues. Thanks!

I can confirm that I was also experiencing a crash when crossing the bridge near the end of the zone, as was my friend.
We both made it through by turning down the graphics settings as well. :slight_smile:

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