Game broken now

What did you guys do? There are terrible desync issues. In coop my partner gets locked out of boss fights zones, servers disconnects…lost all shards I had and framerate dropped to half…


Create a bug, please.

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I did. My coop partner tried also but died before being able to submit it with screenshot and all.

I am having a nice time, all good here, playing on EUW with no issues. Perhaps you are having some localized issues, hope it gets fixed soon!

Hope so. After that botched boss instance the game runs ok.

Sadly I have desynced a lot and playing solo and died once coz of it … the character and mobs just freeze & i can skill use skills but no skill animation and all i can do is just alt-f4 and pray i don’t die .

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Been having the same issue. A lot. Actually unplayable at this point.

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same, and i play hc

Yeah not sure what’s going on I’ve been fine but I can’t enter the desert the server keeps disconnecting and so I can’t progress…very weird I get in the game go to the waypoint but once I click the door to the desert DC. Lol wth is broken that it just seems to be that one door for me.

stuck in a loading window. everything felt “off” before too. like .75 lag when there is none kinda stuff.

Really sick of trying to farm Foot of the Mountain with LP.

Fng desync or dc 3 in 4 times, not paying 10mil for a pair with 2 LP either.

This game is a joke so far, if the one I came from wasnt worse id go back. Diablo 4 is a pretty low bar and this crap is quickly catching up to it.

As bad as all this is at least your characters aren’t getting deleted when you log out. Then again I wouldn’t feel so safe that it won’t randomly still happen to you since it’s still not resolved after more than a week.

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