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Game Breaking Bug with Ward Trail Unique belt

As tempted as I am to exploit this. I just can’t do it with good conscience:P Apparently by equiping and unequiping ward trail multiple times (i only tried it with mouse hovering over the slot) I’m able to get the dodge gained per hit to around 1300 a dodge so far. I’m sure it would most likely continue to go up with more equips and unequips.

Confirmed that the bonus persists through zone changes. Well at least the ones I tried so far once made aware of it.

Accidentally stumbled on this while compared dodge stats between various belts. So it seems that the bonus will stack even when you equip a different belt in between.

Hope this gets patched soon as I wont be abusing it:)

Thanks for the report!

Will investigate this once I finish what I’m working on atm. :slight_smile:

Some additional information. Its still happening even though I’m no longer wearing ward trail O_O

I’ve even changed screens. Gonna try relogging.

Relogging gets rid of the Ward Trail equip stacks.

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