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Game Art and MTX (concept art included)

Hey everyone,

I finally got into the game a few weeks back and I’m loving the premise and the base system. Having played ARPGs since the first DIABLO and been in PoE development since 2012 I really feel that the game is in a really good state with regards to where it is in development.

Being a professional artist I tend to focus on art in games a lot and I feel that might be the weakest spot for Last Epoch at the moment. Fortunately, it’s never late to add cool art and I believe it’s just a question of adding and updating things to the game. Personally, I think a lot of the art assets have a really solid base but need some polish, some creatures have lacking anatomy, others have maybe too much put into them (mermaids I’m looking at You) so they’re confusing in visual clarity, other still may need retexturing or just a bit of reimagining,.

What I cant wait to see is cool MTX for player characters armors and weapons. Now I have very specific ideas of things I want to see but I believe pictures speak stronger than words so the point of this post is to show You.

I went ahead and made some MTX concepts for Void inspired armor sets for player characters. I have just done a brainstorm and some fast visuals and tried to base my ideas around the void creatures and what should they represent. You’ll see 4 distinct ideas where we can mix and match most of the armor pieces to create even more variants. I have a couple more helm ideas and as time permits I aim to make weapons and female concepts as well. Please give me some feedback if You’d like to see them in-game and Your 2 cents on what You’d like to see. I’m open to creating more different concepts but I have a very busy schedule.

Since I can’t add images here’s a link to see the pics:
Concept Pics

Kind regards,



i really like the Void Necron.

The Void centurion’s Wings/Cape kinda look weird, i think it would look better without it.
The Void Sorcerer “collar/cape” also looks weird IMO.

I also can’t wait what EHG has in store for cosmetics. Especially what types of cosmectics they want to go for. (Do they even plan to add skill vfx?)

But i guess we have to wait to find out.

Thanks for the reply Heavy. I tried to make the Void ones so that You can mix and match and take away pieces You might not like so I believe they should function without the collar /capes.

It would be very cool if they’ll add skill MTX, I love those in PoE.

I added another armor into the mix inspired by the King of the Dead. Id love to see boss themed sets like that. Hope You guys/gals like it and please tell me what You think :slight_smile:

These are really cool, Winton. A lot of your Void armor designs have a cool ‘mutation’ vibe, mixing the void and the idea of monster elements inside of them.


Really like the new one you added. With more details it would look even more sick.

If stuff similar like this get’s implemented i always hope that it is as modular as possible. I just dislike capes/collars and stuff xD

Hey Rik,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I’m so glad You like the armors. The mutation is exactly what I was going for :slight_smile: I have a lot of other ideas for more void iterations and others. I plan to do some more work on the void and make a weapons set to go with the armors and I also want to expand to different sets. I have some Imperial style ideas, some Lagon inspired and others. As time permits I plan to continue adding more.

Thanks Heavy, I’m really glad You like the new one. Ill see about adding more details to it as well as some matching weapons. And a shield.

It just looks “unfinished”, at least the surface/lighting looks to mat.
Especially the waist Accessoire
But that might just be a stilistic choice.

Looks sick anyway.