Gambling is useless

Gambling is only lvl 1-40 items even for lvl 80 character why? What to do with all that gold? Iam really dissapointed.

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From the 0.8.5 patch notes:

The Soul Gambler within the Soulfire Bastion dungeon took much of the Gambler’s role, where you can exchange soul embers taken from fallen enemies for loot after killing the dungeon boss.

Whereas The Vaults of Uncertain Fate within the Lightless Arbor dungeon was added as a gold sink allowing players to spend their excess gold in exchange for (potentially) hoards of loot after killing the dungeon boss.

Also, you can spend your gold on additional stash tabs with each tab increasing in price and a maximum of 200 stash tabs to purchase. The dev’s have talked about providing additional gold sinks in the future, though we just don’t know what those will be yet.

On your video what means duplicate all unique items from chests? So far only low lvl legendary drops so more uselles craps to not pick?

Also I am starting to be burnout from terrible loost and itemization in this game. Last 50 echoes only trash thats like only source of my items? Feels really terrible, worst itemization in any game, so much useless afixes so make one good item is impossible.

Leveling 80+ is super slow like 30 echoes per level, which is terrible. Purple items are not droping at all like 1 in 15 ehoes awful. Arena keys not droping. I played 2 years ago and wasnt this bad.

If one of the chests from the Vault of Uncertain Fate drops a unique, all of the other chests will drop that as well. It could be a “bad”/not-particularly-useful unique, but it could also be a useful unique with legendary potential.

Yes, the better your gear the harder it is to get an upgrade, though this is where things like the Glyph of Chaos comes in to try and change some of the bad affixes to more useful ones.

Apparently the dungeons are good for exalts.

Something tells me you havent embraced crafting to end-game levels - its a critical component of end-game gear progression. Its virtually impossible to expect to find gear that will be an improvement on pure drop chance alone.

And for the love of all things, please dont tell me you are using a complex filter to find new gear without considering items to craft with… i.e. lots of people use filters to look for things and miss items that could potentially be great crafting items but are ignored - this approach is ok at earlier stages in the game when most drops tend to be improvements but it fails miserably in late-game.

Are you playing in empowered monoliths? Exalted items benefit from lvl 100 echos with higher corruption - and thats not even taking advantage of exalted echo rewards. I would not expect to find many exalted items in lesser monoliths. As already mentioned, there are also other arguably more optimal places to find exalted items - Dungeons especially.

Levelling beyond 80+ being too slow… Again, I have never specifically checked how many echos it takes to level late game chars but if you are running higher level corruption you get more XP and XP echo reward nodes can help tremendously… I have dinged 4 or 5 chars (cannot recall right now) to lvl 100 and have a few more in the late 90’s and I dont recall ever thinking that levelling was too much of a grind…

You may not like to hear this, but the devs are planning to make it harder for 1.0 - especially 90-100 Levelling…

Slow leveling? Cannot upgrade items? Are u play in poe and accidental write on this forum?
If u want something fast and easy, go to diablo 3. This game is already got right difficulty maybe even too easy, but it’s easy for people that have too many free time and knowledge, and i feel like for casuals it’s in a good spot right now.

To be fair, they are intending to make the last few levels to 100 slower so it’s “more of an achievement”. While I’m not sure I like the idea, it’s not like the additional ~5-10 passive points add much to a build.

Edit: And the quality of the build will affect how quickly you can level, since better builds kill faster so you get xp faster.

I don’t feel like it’s slow, you don’t have death penalty like in POE and this is just a matter of time, when u play on build longer and feel rewarded for it by some minor passive point. I rush it like a madman with my ice bow mage, and it was pretty fine for me.

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