Gambling for idols

I often feel like the most annoying grind of them all is the hunt for idols. Worse than hunting for uniques or legendaries.
Some of them are build-defining, not necessarily super-powered but adding mechanics you can’t find any other way.

On the other hand, the gambler has been sitting here for months doing nothing, nobody visits him anymore. And everyone is running around with mountains of unused gold in every pockets of their armour…

So I was thinking, how about an “idols” tab for the gambler?
I realise we don’t want gambling to be the ultimate gearing option, but that would just be a way to get more build possibilities available faster (and less randomly), while giving us a bit of a gold sink. The idols are not craftable, so they hardly count as overpowered endgame gear anyway.
If you think that is still too powerful for the gambler, these idols could have slightly weaker affixes than the dropped ones, but still allow us to access the mechanics. Like, the same affixes but with smaller values range.

Houlala the Gambler


Afaik idols will be chase items and aren’t buy or craftable. That’s at least what I heared last and I’m okay with it because a lot of these pile up over time anyway.

No problem with Idols being chase items… but I do feel that there should be something to do with stashed / excess idols…

Even though I have started to be more selective on Idols I pickup, I still have lots with mismatched affixes e.g. Lethal Mirage & Bow crit / Bleed & Ignite / Frostbite & Fire Damage over time etc on the same idol…

Perhaps not the gambler, but maybe you can reroll # of the same idol type to get a chance at a different combination of the same idol type? Maybe even using the same Glyphs of Hope/Chaos during the process to improve the odds of any affixes getting good rolls.

It would :

  • give me something to do with excess idols…
  • motivate collecting specific idols for a “second chance”
  • add another layer of interaction with idols - at the moment they are just pickup and use or ignore items unlike gear which you can craft or shatter or change into legendaries…

Just a thought… could be an interesting dungeon reward like the Legendary concept.


Yep, that would work as well…
For the build I am trying to make, I needed 1 unique and 2 idols. I burnt a few runes of ascendance and managed to get the unique, but there is nothing I can do about the idols…

Even better.

I agree something is wrong and needs to be done, but I don’t know what.
Since the last patch, as you noticed, almost nobody uses the Gambler. I was feeling that was EHG’s method to slowly make him useless, before removing him. But maybe your idea can revitalize him a abit. Sell or reroll, why not?

Something linked to a dungeon? I must admit I don’t really like the idea. I don’t want to travel a whole dungeon just to do something about idols. I feel most of time it would be a waste of time. Or there must be something else really attractive in the dungeon itself, or in the reward.

Yes, this is a great idea. Also let the merchant sell them too while they are at it. If not please remove them both are useless af unless you are the luckiest person playing LE and you get hope triggers and crits all the time.

While they are at it, they should make useless combinations on class idols stop happening especially for rogue I am so sick of seeing a roll I am looking for be paired with bow or melee weapon affix when it makes no sense because you cannot equip both so unless there is going to be a weapon quick switching in the future please stop.

Idols used to be sold by vendors for a while after they were introduced, I doubt they would re-introduce that functionality.

Would you like them to make affixes on gear only ever roll the perfect ones you need with max rolls? Maybe once you get to lvl 90+ they should only drop as max roll T7 affixes on all slots. And uniques should only ever drop with 4 LP.

Just on the topic of the Gambler, he does have one use that perhaps people might not have spotted.

I have used him a few times to gamble for a white or any base type that has a unique associated with it. I then have used the crafting option to upgrade to unique and on a few occasions this has come back with the unique I was looking for and also some LP options.

In other words, I’ve looked to use the craft but couldn’t be bothered to amend my filter to pick up an appropriate base so I shortcutted running around by using the gambler instead.

Well, if you want for example a unique armour, ANY armour would work, doesn’t have to be same base.
So there are cheaper ways than the gambler to find one, seller or just killing two-three random mobs, you should get a random chestpiece in seconds…

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Sometimes I will buy white or blue items from the merchant (especially helm or body armor or relic) just to use a rune of discovery on the item and hope for class specific affixes that are somewhat rare.

I know it’s not exactly related to the gambler, but I feel like it would help new characters, particularly in the campaign, if some runes/glyphs/shards were available from the vendor, or maybe even have some caches of these materials as rewards for some side quests.

It’s ok, the thread wasn’t about the gambler anyway, it was about idols.

Fair enough. I think they would need to be careful about adding idols straight to the gambler though. People have amassed millions of gold by now, so you could spend quite a deal of gold & time gambling just for the right ones.

I like the idea of combining several of the same idol type/shape/function to reroll one or both of the affixes. It would be neat if, for example, I could take 3 idols of the same shape that have + % health, and combine them to get a random idol that will keep the % health but reroll for a different second affix.

Either that, or collect (as an example) three “Ornate” idols (2x2" to reroll for a completely new Ornate idol. Personally I prefer the first method I listed above.

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That’s a GOOD thing. At least I wouldn’t be buying tabs just to get rid of some gold. I’d play any new game with the Gambler to get rid of a few useless millions. :smile:

Don’t forget the courtesy these mastery guys could do us and throw us a few idols when we honor them by choosing their path. I am the chosen one, the epoch holder, the Dragonborn.

Woah there @Llama8 that is not what I am requesting. I did not mention affixes on gear or even t7 affixes or uniques lp at all. Just the idols system which is just pure dumb luck. Hey if they want to make idols more like gear where I can reroll and change affixes then yay! Why should my build be stuck with subpar idols where only half of the affixes is useful to my build if I am not lucky enough to get the two affixes I want together or even two affixes that make sense together?

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Gambling system for idols. It be nice if we could sell 3-5 of the same idol shape to the vendor and get a random one of the same shape back...


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