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Future UI/HUD customisation?

hey, just found out about this upcoming arpg (actually from a comment on Rhykker’s latest youtube video :slight_smile: ) and I wanted to request/suggest something I hope the devs will consider.

I’ve played a ton of arpgs and mmos and one thing that really piques my interest is how customisable the interface is within the game. I really like taking the time to setup the visual look of the game I’m playing as much as possible, even if it’s just the ability to move and resize certain elements (minimap, hotbar, health etc) or in many cases just hide certain things I’d prefer not having on screen.

At the other extreme I really enjoy modding UIs in games (it’s kinda a hobby) whether that’s replacing graphics entirely, restyling HUDs, or unifying the visual style of a game through better/different font choices etc. and have had a lot of fun doing this over the years with games like DDO, TorchlightII, NoMansSky, WoW and a couple of others.

My request is therefore can you please consider UI/HUD customisation as a possible future feature for your game?


edit: I forgot to mention, one of the more recent things that make me conscious of this more and more is that I play on an ultrawide display (21:9) so being able to configure things like health displays is super important. For example in the footage I’ve seen so far you have the health and hotbars in the bottom left corner, which on this type of display is simply too far from where the player is looking. I’d prefer being able to set a separate HUD display area (as different from the game rendering display) similar to how Destiny 2 does on PC which allows you to keep the interface more central.

Also at this ratio many games UI elements have poor scaling (Wolcens loot drop text for example) or things get stretched (NoMansSky’s entire interface) so having some consideration for these, and/or the ability to modify them in future would be awesome.

Hey there,

It’s great to find another Path of Exile player over here! :slight_smile:

Edit: The initial input I’ve gotten from two of the devs I’ve spoken with is that they’re concerned about the work involved in maintaining a UI that’s very customizable. I have mentioned your aspect ratio and so far it’s looking like making specific plans to ensure the UI works well out of the box for 21:9 monitors might be the preferred way to go.

I’ve been making efforts to consolidate and categorize feedback locally, and the request to have UI elements resizable and movable has been added to the list. Never say never. :slight_smile:

I can appreciate it could be a lot of work, particularly if that has to be public facing.

At minimum it would be great to have some support for font replacement. I know I’m being picky here (hell, I’m a designer so I can’t not be picky) but even just comparing the existing game interface to what they have here on the website there’s a real difference in consistency and style. This Last Epoch site is nice and punchy and modern looking but that doesn’t (yet) transfer over into the game - would be great to see these better aligned as I think there’s a great opportunity for this game to stand out, but I understand there’s other priorities keeping the devs busy :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah PoE. Man I love that game, though I don’t have the same time I used to have to play it. It’s great to see what they’ve done over the years, and to see the inspiration they’ve created around small teams giving their own game projects a go.

Made a note about the font request, too. :slight_smile:

It’s 02:42 in the morning where I live, so I’m about to depart for the night. I’ll try to remember to bring up fonts with the team sometime on Monday and see how they feel about the idea. Even if I forget, it’s there for the next time they’re discussing technical / UI feedback.

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