Fury Leap: passive node Ideas for Movement speed

It would be really useful to insert (or replace an existing one) a passive that temporarily increases movement speed when the Primalist hits the ground with Fury Leap.
Something like:
“When you land you gain additional movement speed for 3 seconds.”
I don’t have all of this experience to suggest how much this passive should increase movement speed.
Maybe 10%? 15%?

It could be added that it also increases the movement speed of allies.

Yes a nice idea, but I think the ability is already great for fast movement. Primalist is already one of the “fastes” classes in the game with its many haste buffs available or as shapeshifter or with resetting leap strike on kill etc. Also you have easy access to boost your movement for more than 50% in early game (2x rings + boots with movementspeed affixe). Primalist is one of the fastes classes when it comes to rushing through the story.

Also you shouldnt forget that there are a lot of “haste” (+30% movement speed) abilities for primalist and even a talent forr beastmaster (Hawk wings):

  • maelstrom can grant you haste permanently (skill tree)
  • Howl from wolves can grant you haste (skill tree)
  • warcry can grant you haste (skill tree)
  • eterras blessing can grant you haste (skill tree)
  • frenzy totem (beast master) can grant you haste (skill tree)
  • sabertooth (beast masterr) can grant you haste (skill tree)
  • wearbear (druid) can grrant you haste (skill tree)

Yes, I’ve seen that there are also other spells that increase movement speed, mine was just a suggestion because among the utilities that the fury leap offers it almost amazes me that there isn’t an increase in haste.

However yes, it’s true, the Primalist has a kit that allows you to do almost everything.