Fury Leap - Lagon's wrath scaling

Lightning fury leap/maul got some love with the new patch but this Lightning bolt from this node feels very weak compared to other skills IMO because of the following reasons:

  1. It does not scale with attunement OR strength unlike Lightning bolts in other trees such as Werebear’s crackling assault, Maelstrom’s Power of the storm or the Lightning bolts from Tempest strike.

  2. It does not scale with nodes in the Fury leap tree.

  3. It does not even scale dmg with any of the nodes behind it Stormbringer and even the new lightning pen from rejuvenating storms does not affect it.

This makes trying to kill stuff with it to reset fury leap’s cooldown harder which makes that part of the node kinda useless.

I would recommend giving the lightning bolt either attunement (like other lightning bolt spells) or strength (like fury leap) scaling and add something to storm bringer in some way so that its not just travel for the lightning pen.

Ideas for Storm bringer :

  1. 4-6% more damage for lightning bolt per point.
  2. 10-20% chance to doublecast lightning bolt per point.
  3. Lightning bolts have 5% lightning penetration per point.
  4. Lightning bolts have 4% kill threshold per point.

Yes, and no. As we learned on the stream last week, the attribute scaling for subskills is inherited from the main skill & any attribute the subskill says on it’s tooltip is ignored.

That’s a bug then 'cause the node says it should:

That node information seems off. I’m pretty sure the stats that apply to fury leap do not apply to lightning bolts, It even says on its tooltip that it is unaffected by anything else.

I think generally subskills have one of the same attribute of the skill itself so LB should have the strength scaling from Fury leap then. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t - https://imgur.com/rMHVyzU
Here I’ve got much more strength than attune but look at the tooltips.

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