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Full Life Werebear EQ updated For 0.8.2I

So which build is better in your opinion? With the crows build one can also include the wolves which uses up that free skill slot that goes to the totems when you use more health idols.

Full life can push further than the low life, but both are High corruption viable

Sorry I wasn’t clear although thanks for that answer as well. I meant the crows from the other thread vs the bear build in this thread

One quick question. Is there anyway to force charge. I was fighting Lagon I think is his name and I basically had to manually cast and use swipe as it wouldn’t charge to him I guess because he isn’t on land so I couldn’t get close enough.

It requires a target and lagon is u targetable, its a known issue. As recommended above leave werebear form manually cast eq

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So until you get the lvl 75 weapon, is there anything else that’s viable in its place? I looked around and didn’t see any hint to that other than going another build until you find your weapon.

I’m assuming you would just get more mana regen and still run EQ until then since the damage overall is insane.

Probably the highest damage 2h weapon you can get your hands on.

yeah I guess that’s a silly question in the end, thanks for the response though :slight_smile: