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Full inventory issue

When clicking on an item on the ground when the inventory is full will cause problems.


  1. Have inventory full (or not able to accommodate size/shape of item on ground)
  2. With inventory window closed, click on item on ground.
  3. Open inventory and click in the inventory. The item becomes translucent and is now ‘stuck’ to the cursor, clearing the inventory space.
  4. Clicking on another item will cause it to also stick to the cursor. This can continue indefinitely, as far as I can tell.
    After ‘emptying’ inventory space, clicking on an item on the ground will transfer it to inventory. You can repeat this and it will visually duplicate the item. However, upon relogging the character, only one copy of the item on the ground will be in inventory, and everything that was stuck on the cursor is now lost.

Thanks for the in-depth report! This has been fixed, along with hopefully any other inventory bugs.