Full Controller Support: Thank You!

I’ve been very hyped for the release of Last Epoch, but one thing that kept worrying me was whether controller support would be improved for release seeing as the current state of it left a bit to be desired (and I’ve pretty much fully moved away from mouse/keyboard in ARPGs in the last few years).

Just now having read the 1.0 patch notes, I’m very happy to see that, indeed, controller support was not forgotten at all, and from the looks of it, has been greatly improved. Can’t wait!

Thank you :smiley:

Controller support in general and especially the ability to hot-swap between the gamepad and mouse+kb are near top of the list for why I’ve played as much as I have already.

Coming from many thousands of hours in PoE and the beginnings of wrist and hand health issues it has either started or worsened, I haven’t encountered anything in LE that I’ve opted to avoid due to the control UX. Yet, there is a significant chuck of PoE I just don’t engage with (certain skills, league mechanics, etc) because either the experience with a gamepad is so difficult or m+kb is painful (or both). GGG just refuses to give us the seamless experience we’ve had here long before 1.0. You still have to log out to switch control schemes.

When I have a lot of inventory management to do, or need to significantly rework passives and skill points, I lean in and grab the mouse. When I’m done, I lean back and keep playing. No relogging. No menu changes. Just play. The patch notes for controller support were so refreshing because they show EHG’s awareness and compassion for the experience. Some of those points were on my list of stuff I might bring up if they were still issues after 1.0 landed. With those and a bunch of other items in the notes, my list is cleaned out.

I was originally expecting roughly 60/40 for time spent between PoE and LE, mostly because PoE has a decade of complexity that refreshes for me each league. However, LE’s gamepad UX alone has a strong chance of flipping that around. If GGG doesn’t give us near-fully combined control support next league, or otherwise heavily step up the gamepad UX, I might be done doing 40 challenges.

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How are you guys using dash on controller?

Circle or B

And if it’s not working reset keybinds to default and then it should work