Frozen Nova Porter - Sorcerer Guide

Forgive me if I overlook some things in this, I’ve only been playing Last Epoch for a couple days, while trying to try out each class. I tend to play casters in ARPGs so this is what I came up with on my second round of Mage.

The main idea for damage on this build are 3 nodes of the Teleport specialization:

Elemental Dawn - Cast Elemental Nova where you teleport TO
Elemental Dusk - Cast Elemental Nova where you teleported FROM
Elemental Midnight - Cast Elemental Nova HALF WAY IN BETWEEN

This gives us 3 Elemental Nova casts PER Teleport. You can spread these out if you like, or teleport in place for triple hits. This will not work if your EN has a cooldown, so you cannot go that route on it’s specialization. The wording of that told me that using Teleport would, in fact, cast whatever EN you had specialized. That’s huge.

I chose the Ice EN route for a few reasons.

  1. Part of the Fire route has a cooldown and as we said above that’s an issue.
  2. Lightning is an option with it’s larger AoE, crit, and some Ward interactions, but they are only on kill.
  3. Ice can freeze and chill.
  4. Glacial Might gives 20% damage per point at the cost of additional mana cost… which only affects our self casts, not Teleport casts.
  5. Behind Glacial Might is Spreading Frost which gives a 48% chance to cast additional lesser ENs. These “lesser ENs” chain to any enemy that is in proximity. So if you have a long line of baddies coming it will chain all the way through.
  6. Also beyond Glacial Might are Protective Strikes and Magical Barrier if you want Ward generation (more on this in a bit). Alternatively you could just spend your additional points on Arcana Elementorum for additional damage.

Now that we have Teleport casting 3 x EN, and those ENs are buffed up with more damage and lesser ENs, we are left with the issue of getting around the Teleport cooldown of 4 seconds. On Teleport’s specialization we can go through Crystalline Passage and Flicker to get to Wormhole for 10% cooldown. On the Sorcerer passives we can get an additional 20% reduction via Rapid Casting for a total of 30% cooldown.

This will allow you to reposition yourself very very frequently while dishing out loads of damage. In the small downtime, you can self cast EN as you please.

Defensively, we will rely on Ward and Ward Retention. Arcanist and Warden on the Mage passives, Wisdom and Warder on Sorcerer, Protective Strikes and Magical Barrier on EN (if you choose this route), and on the Teleport specialization getting Ether Barrier, Out of Mind, and Stable Bubble.

That is the baseline for the build setup. There are many ways you could go from here to gain additional buffs offensively and defensively.

I’m open to the feedback and help to improve the set up. One thing I CAN’T help with is the lag that the chain novas create when you herd up a large pack! :smiley:

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I have similar build :slight_smile: . The problem is that Nova’s damage is quite low :disappointed_relieved:, but it’s still fun to play in my opinion.

The difference is that I’m using Nova as a regular skill, so I’ve invested a lot to reduce its cost. Your TP variant probably allows to concentrate on its damage completely.

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