Frozen Ire Unic not proc Tundra Nova from cold skills

test on volcanic orb cold variant

Yeah, I’ve not seen any cold novas proc even with skills that are cold by default (to make sure it’s not an issue with gaining the tags), tried it with Glacier, Ice Barrage, a cold-converted Lightning Blast, Fireball & Black Hole.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Note that the Tundra Nova from Frozen Ire has a rather muted visual effect; you should hear a sound effect and briefly see shards of ice flying away from the target.

If you still aren’t seeing it occur, let me know.

Oh, yes, I’m seeing that, I was expecting graphics more like Ele/Spark Nova.

maybe iam blind i rechecked i don’t see and hear any visual on target or myself hitting dummy

It’s easier to see when you use it on the dummy.

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