Frostbite vs Ignite?

I am going for a shatterstrike build and the node that converts ignite stacks to frostbite seems very cool(no pun intended) but frostbites base damage seems very lack luster.

The tooltips says its 15 damage over 4 secs compared to ignites 40 over 3 secs

So is frostbite underpowered or am i missing something?

Frostbite is very potent. It has a mechanic that decreases cold protections of enemies per stack. So Frostbite works similar to poison.

With shatterstrike recasting multiple times and some idols to increase frostbite chances and last but not least Morditas Reach your damage will be massive.

But isnt Protection shredding a bit weak in the game?? I thought that was the general consensus.

Protection shredding is weak because of the fix amount some skills applied and that it does not scale well with enemies getting stronger.

But with the increased shred per stack it works like increased damage per stack. It’s very strong.

Its super weak, but this is another story:)

Ok that makes its worth getting it

I am currently in the middle of imperial era, so most enemies dont last long enough for me notice a difference

Nice to know it scales well into endgame

Is Morditas reach a very rare unique or does it drop only from morditas boss ?

Unless I’m being stupid, Frostbite is a flat protection reduction (and therefore as weak as any other shred, notwithstanding that it’s “only” 50 compared to the default 100) and the Razor Ice node only increases it’s cold protection shred by 150% at 5 points (so Frostbite would then do 125 cold protection shred per stack & 37.5 damage, though I’m not sure if the damage buff is an increased or a more). Poison’s damage per stack mechanic is a percentage which is what makes it so powerful, if it were a flat protection reduction poison wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful. If you were going to be able to use Morditas’ Reach polearm, then yes, Frostbite might be more interesting.

I’m not sure I’d go that far, I’m not aware of any (current) builds that use Frostbite.

So i should i keep ignite and put points elsewhere and not go for Chillflame (it does take around 6 points)?

With patch 0.7.7 skurge used shatterstrike frostbite and was #1 for a short time. Also boardman used a similar build and beat skurge.

Shatterstrike with frostbite is one beast of a build. With 0.7.8 everybody is going Lich, because Death Seal is op. But that does not mean shatterstrike is not viable anymore.

any kind of protection reduction is a bit in a weird spot atm.
Protectionshred is especially effective against low health enemies, but because (most) protection shred is kinda low and can stack you need to apply the stacks first to become very good, but those low health mobs don’t even survive that long.

So if you wanna go for any kind of protections shred, you need to apply those stack as fast as possible and as many as possible against tougher mobs to become effective.

That is a huge investment which does not payoff in most cases. So generally you can go further raw damage or otehr means of scaling your damage.

There are some other skills that can apply a big chuck of shred at once, whic hare usally better, because those don’t need as muc hinvestment to jsut get them on the mob 1 time.

This is the update to boardman’s shatter strike build that was ranked #1 in the previous patch (wave 600+).

He’s going the ignite route with items and idols and uses the conversion into frostbite.

Yes, the damage scaling is flat. Poison has % based increased. I said it is similar to poison not the same. While poison damage has an exponential curve frostbite has a linear damage increase. It’s not op like poison but far more potent than bleed or ignite. With every stack not only the dot damage is more than doubled, also your shatterstrike hit damage gets boosted.

Flat shred is weak because it normally does not stack. If you use frostbite it stacks massively.

Doesnt DoT ignore protections, so shred shouldn’t increase frostbite damage right?

But on hit damage for my build so far is good, i will probably experiment tomorrow a bit with and without chillflame against some high HP mobs.

So far in the story mode all mobs die way too quickly, even Ice goliaths and siege golems. So cant really experiment on them

No, DoTs don’t ignore protections, they just don’t hit.

Raw, I think shred does stack, it’s weak because it’s numerically a lot smaller than the protection it’s shredding (unless you’re a mage going nuts on shock & shock effectiveness) & it may or may not be bugged since it doesn’t seem to do much.

Have no numbers here but i can at least say that all necrotic protection shred works, from various different sources. Problem is, that it is really really hard to test and get good results.
With the protection/mitigation system it is really hard to test on a dummy, since it has so massive amount of health.

Especially since the foundational system is so “different” from most (maybe even ALL) other aRPG’s people really need to get used to it and maybe there should be even better tooltip explanation. I am not even sure how well protection shred is described in the game guide.

I have been playing this build for a while and with crap gear got on the leader board at around the 50th place before reset and lich took over. Eye of Reen (even when it wasnt working 100% of the time) is where its at for this build. I was getting the dummy to DOT for anywhere between 2k to 4k per tick. I have since switched to a crit shatter strike build still using EoR and critting for 20k to 30k with enchant weapon up and normal crits around 12k to 15k.( Those arent DOT thats hit build.) My point is in the new meta damage with this build isnt the problem its survivabilty. You dont make near as much ward. (at least i didnt have all the right idols) and putting protections on your gear doesnt feel great having to give up damage. Im sure there is a good balance i just havent found it yet. Over all I say play it. It will crush the story mode. And you can comfortingly do MoF at around 20+ with no problems. As far as arena I havent made it past wave 60 with it as i keep messing up fighting siege golems.

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