Frostbite Shackles

Hi everyone,

Quick question. I’ve been farming for the frostbite shackles for about 2 weeks, probably 50 boss kills without a drop. My fissure build will benefit from the drop so I can get beyond 200 corruption. Anyone else have this much difficulty? Any other ideas how I can get them?

They are a rare drop from the boss. 50 kills is implausibly high, but RNG is RNG.
Edit: Increasing corruption & item rarity will increase the chance of them dropping.


Thanks Llamas! You think I should keep trying for higher corruption rather than lowering to complete the timelines faster?

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farming higher corruption = farming timeline bosses faster. You get more base stability, hence you need fewer echos to open up a boss. At least until 500 600 corruption or so when there is no more stability increase.

Farming blood frost and death timeline on 1k+ corruption for the past couple days and I see shakles drop like every 2nd/3rd boss

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Thank you! Right now I am capped on all resistances, 1500 hp with about 4500 ward…anything you can think of to help my survivability?

Sure, I guess you are playing your lvl97 Warlock on legacy.

I would get some gloves with experimental “lost health into ward conversion” affix on it, preferably with a good t7 roll but anything will do for starters.

I would get a opulent focus base for your offhand with good implicit rolls

I would get crit strike avoidence on 100% which is pretty easy with a good “reign of dragons” blessing + one item with a good t5 roll on it.

This would be the 3 points I would start with and going from there you just add more increased health, flat health, hybrid health and int on your items. For example lp1 exang with t7 increased health or lp1 last steps of the living with t7 int.

You can check my lvl100 necro on lastepochtools dot com slash profile slash accountname. We play different builds/masteries but we use the same lowlife/ward survivability items. It is far from perfect but I have 4,1khealth with 23k ward base value rn. I pushed 1,1k corruption so far and still not having real problems other then the occasional one shot from orobyss. Once it will start to get really tricky I will probably swap in ghostflame.

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Bleed/Cold build is incredibly strong! 100% everything @ch1ll said is spot on. Good luck!

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I have farmed these. I spent about 10 hours solid killing the boss. I was lining up map mods to maximise the chance of a drop for max efficiency, everything.

In the end I came away with 4 of them, but none had LP.

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Same, farming Shackles on 500+ for ten days now. 2-3 drops with 1LP and that’s it.

You on Merchants Guild or CoF?

1% chance for 2 LP i mean this can take time
But i get it Bossdrops should be buffed
I started with an Regein of Winter Build and after i realised i wont ever see a 2 LP i stoped and made a new one whcih needs no Bosslegendarys

FTFY (or me)

As long as you don’t take too much longer to do higher corruption, higher corruption will be better.

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CoF, side note they finally dropped for me!

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