Frost Claw - Reowyn's Veil / Cold and Calculating Bug

Reowyn’s Veil does not account for freeze rate from “Cold and Calculating” node. Either “Cold and Calculating” node is completely broken or the interaction between the two nodes is broken.

I tested as follows:

  • Have no ward generation passives/skills/equipment.
  • Allocate the two Shiver Shells nodes (12 ward on frost claw usage). Cast frost claw get 12 ward (well 11 ward since it immediately drops down to 11). Working as intended.
  • Allocate Reowyn’s Veil with 0 freeze rate. Cast frost claw still get only 12 ward (no increase).
  • Equip 220 freeze rate equipment. Cast frost claw. Get 23 ward (220/20 + 12). Working as intended.
  • Allocate 4 rending cascade nodes (+80% freeze rate). Get 27 ward (220/20 + 12 + 80/20). Working as intended.
  • Allocate 1 “Cold and Calculating Node”. Get 27 ward (same as above). NOT working as intended as it is giving 0 increase. Equip 5% crit chance gear. Still get 27 ward.

I am at 9% crit (5% base + 4% from nodes before it). Therefore Cold and Calculating SHOULD be giving frost claw an extra 45% Freeze Rate. Therefore Reowyn’s Veil SHOULD be giving an extra 2.25 ward (rounded however it is supposed to) every cast. It does nothing. After equipping an additional 5% crit chance gear, it should be giving 70% freeze rate… or 3.5 ward, but it still gives nothing.

It is not clear which of the two nodes is actually broken. If Cold and Calculating doesn’t work, then that would produce similar results.

Note: The tooltip on Reowyn’s Veil specifically says it is supposed to include the freeze rate from Cold and Calculating, so it is not an intentional functionality.