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Friend cannot access Kickstarter backer download/content

I talked to support the other day and provided them with my friend’s username and email to link their account so we could play. We were trying today and it appears that it is not working. What may I do or what steps should I follow to help resolve this. Thank you again for the amazing game!

Please have your friend e-mail us at If they get any error messages, it would be super helpful if they could include them in the e-mail.

Once the account’s created, we’re unable to discuss it with anyone other than the owner.

I’ve stripped their account of alpha & beta access and granted it again. There’s a chance that this helps. Please have them e-mail us if not and we’ll investigate this further for them.

I know this is an awkward situation as it’s related to a purchase of yours - so I’ll unlock the thread again - but in general we shouldn’t really discuss other people’s accounts publicly.

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