Frey's Retreat Implicit

Out of curiosity, why is Frey’s Retreat Frey's Retreat - Unique Divine Instrument - Off-Hand Catalyst - Last Epoch Item Database on a Spell Critical Strike implicit. It should be either one a Chronolabe or an Opulent Focus. Everything about the unique is DoT. Frost Wall is a big DoT skill. All of the modifiers are DoT. Even the proc is a DoT rune.

This comes up from time to time with other uniques and I’m really struggling to try to understand the mindset behind this?

Heck just swap the implicit of Fragment of the Enigma with this one and you’d kill two birds with one stone.


Was thinking to mess with it on frost claw build, but yeah, losing opulent focus implicits seems like a really bad trade off. Crit implicit on dot related unique looks really weird.

It might be for balance purposes. A good and relevant base might make it too strong. That would be my guess.

Or they rolled a dice… :person_shrugging:

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This occurred to me but I would think adjusting some of the items bonuses so it makes more sense rather than doing something that looks weird just for the sake of balance. :face_with_monocle:

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Its a recurring theme to put the wrong base on unique items, especially offhands.

MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!! :crazy_face: :joy:

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