Frey's Retreat + Frost Wall

I’ve recently started using Frey’s Retreat, and I have found its behavior a little buggy with respect to the jump back.

When you use Frost Wall, and it makes you jump backwards, there is some weird rubberbanding/teleporting behavior. I don’t mean teleportation skills, I mean the character jumping to strange locations. It’s not 100% consistent, but I’ve been able to easily break it by using frost wall (while Frey’s Retreat is equipped) and then immediately walking around or using a traversal skill. The effect is particularly pronounced when I try to use Frost Wall several times back to back. Additionally, I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but if you use Frost Wall with your back to a wall (or any other gap in the map such as a chasm) and there’s a navigable space on the other side of the wall, you’ll teleport across the wall.

Here’s the log file
Player.log (155.0 KB)

I’ve posted a video of it on YouTube. If you’d like that somewhere else or have issues seeing the video, let me know.