Frey's Retreat and Frost Wall passive skills breaking issue

[Bug Report] Class - Runemaster:
Dear Dev Team. I would like to report that I found a bug regarding the compatibility of the Item “Frey’s Retreat” and the “Flame Ward Skill”. I am using the “Prepared Wards” passive node in the Frost Wall Tree to trigger Flame Ward whenever I dash through it after casting it. I like the concept of how Frey’s Retreat enhances Frost Wall by adding the Blizzard Invocation to it, sounds great on paper. But there is a Bug that causes Flame Ward to not trigger on pass through when casting the Frey’s Retreat enhanced Frost Wall. It also seems to break others on pass through effects of Frost Wall, such as the MANA gain node and the haste node, or even other passives unrelated to pass through. It is already hard enough to maintain a Cold Damage Frost Claw Nova Build since the MANA efficiency node is placed after damage conversion and the Frozen Reign Node provides so little cost reduction. Frost Wall not triggering effects with the only Frost Based Catalyst is hard. Can this be fixed?
Note on further testing, the Frost Wall explosion after walking through it is also broken. I feel like the game is treating the Frost Wall conjured with Frey’s Retreat equipped not as Frost Wall but as Runic Invocation.

What went wrong?: Frey’s Retreat breaks Frost Wall’s passive skills tree nodes.
What did i expect to happen?: Well, the only Cold based Catalyst to not break its associated spells skill tree.

[Log Files]:

Player-prev.log (8.2 MB)

Player.log (273.6 KB)


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