Frequent crashing

I’m crashing relatively consistently after about an hour or so of normal gameplay. I was running through monolith timelines on my Spellblade with Static (casting Lightning Blast via Overload + Unlimited Power), Ice Ward, and Flame Ward active, using Mana Strike with lightning strikes. During attacking with Mana Strike, the game has crashed 3 or 4 times now over the past two nights.

Player Log:
Windows Crash Dmp:
le_graphicsmanager.ini (497 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (87.0 KB)

Sorry about this! We haven’t had this issue happen internally yet, which makes it hard to debug.

Could you please post screenshots of each of your skill trees? You can upload them to a site like and link to them here. Thanks!

Not a problem. I completely understand. Attached are my skill trees:

Just had another crash with a brand new character, a Sentinel, using Hammer Throw. I can get screens of the skill tree later if you’d like, but there were barely any so I just remember them:

Hammer Throw - % chance Double damage node, +2 projectiles + mana cost node
Lunge - -Mana cost and CD node, +str on lunge node

My graphics settings may have changed since the last crash since I’ve been messing with them, so I uploaded it again here:
le_graphicsmanager.ini (485 Bytes)
Player Log:
Windows crash DMP file:

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