Frequent crashing and black screens

Hi. I’m experiencing frequent crashes and black screens. The problem started in campaign, but after reaching the monolith, it became much more frequent. The black screen happens when i enter a new area. My character can move and the sound is still present. I’m playing the necromancer and I have a lot of minions which probably contribute to the issues I’m having. I lowered my settings to medium from high and reduced the frequency of errors by a little. I’ve already veryfied game files on Steam as was sugested in another thread.DxDiag.txt (97.4 KB)
error.log (44.7 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (486 Bytes)
Player-prev.log (64.5 KB)

Crash happened again when trying to enter a node in (51.6 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (483 Bytes)
Player.log (68.4 KB)

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Your first error.log seems to have crashed due to a lack of memory - it was at 97% used when it tried to initialise the game at whatever high settings you were using. Yes, in-game quality settings can dictate RAM requirements. The second player.log contains the usual DirectX errors that happen when trying to play the game at settings it cannot maintain on your hardware… e.g:

D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (960 x 540 fmt 39 aa 1)
D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (1920 x 1080 fmt 53 aa 1)
D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (1920 x 1080 fmt 9 aa 1)

Your Dxdiag file provides more information:

  • You are using Windows11 Build 22621 - this is the insider preview build. There have been reports of lots of game issues on this beta version of Windows. Epic games (your diag shows your Epicgameslauncher is crashing) and lots of others… Including LE… There has been at least one other LE player that attempted to play after upgrading to the preview build and had endless problems… Reverting back solved all their problems and they could play LE fine again. If the problem is being caused by the preview release of Win11, then there is nothing LE can do.

  • Your C Drive only has 5.6GB free space - if your default system swap file tries to expand, you will run out of drivespace and get out of memory errors - probably why the first error could be memory related. From my experience supporting windows, you should never have less space in your C driver than the amout of RAM you have installed (.e.g. 16gb). Also, if you were running anything else while trying to launch LE, this could have compounded the issue - especially if you were trying higher settings for LE.


  1. Dont use Win11 Preview - it could be affecting anything and everything and at least one other LE player had problems that went away when he reverted to the Win11 release versions.

  2. Try running at even lower settings - Very Low quality, 60fps framerate limited @ 1080p. Use the lowest setting for any special features like grass/shadows/aa

  3. Do maintenance on your system - clear more space on C. Check View Reliability Settings to see if there are any errors that can be addressed - no idea again how the preview version of Windows could be affecting things.

  4. Dont run LE with any other applications running - doesnt matter how irrelevant you think that they are.

Hi. I probably fixed the problems i was having. I played since yesterday and didn’t have any issues beside choppy gameplay at times. I did a clean Nvidia driver install, reinstalled the LE on Steam and gradually lowered my graphic settings from High(which worked fine in campaign) to Very Low and locked my FPS to 60. The game is staying at 55-60 fps mostly but can go as low as 24 fps.

Yeah,… 1080p 60fps Very Low is generally the most stable setting and its likely to solve most graphical issues for all but the oldest GPUs.

Problem here is that your 1660 Ti should be getting better than those performance figures. I get that on my 1060 on Win10 with the same settings and yours is roughly 40% faster so you should have better results if everything were equal.

Based on the feedback I have see re Win11 Preview online and the other LE player having very similar issues to you that went away when he reverted to release versions, I am willing to bet there is something in the preview that is affecting game / graphical performance and its hamstringing you.

I would go back to Win 10 but after 10 days from updating you lose an easy way to do it. I would have to format the whole system to go back. I think I will still revert to win 10.

its either that or wait for the next release patch but i have no idea when thats likely to come. entirely up to you.

I installed Win 10. Played for an hour and had stable 54-60 fps with dips to 43-44 fps when a lot was happening on screen.

At the same very low settings with 60fps or did you increase it?

The additional 20 odd fps at the low end is what I would have expected if you kept the 60fps cap. Check your GPU usage, if its less than 60% while you are standing around in town doing nothing, then you may be able to push the fps limit a little higher or try a higher quality… Your GPU isnt going to perform miracles obviously, but you may be able to squeeze something more out of it and stay stable.

Alternatively, you could leave it as is and test again when 0.9 drops - its got a lot of performance improvements coming.

Ok. I run a whole monolith and I can tell that area that I’m in greatly influences the performence I’m getting. In most areas I can stay at 55-60 fps even when i changed from Very Low to Low settings but I run upon an area where i had 30-41 Fps even going as low as 22 fps even at Very low settings. In town with all my minions summoned I used at Very low GPU 56% CPU 43% and at Low GPU 58% CPU 44%. In Echo at Low I had GPU at 86% and CPU at 64%. In the really bad area I used at Very Low 94% GPU and 79 CPU. I hope performence will improve in next patches.

Sounds about right for what I have observed re performance issues…

You are also using a minion build, which is unfortunately a build type that suffers from performance issues more than more standard non-minion/companion builds.

The performance improvements coming have been discussed by the devs in the blogs linked below. Unlike the usual performance improvements that come with patches, these are substantial and should make a big difference but only time will tell.

Yea, minion build at this moment seem to cause real performance issues. For example there is a monster that looks like an ice crystal that shoots multiple icicle like projectiles which pierce and cause a ice shattering effect on hit. If it hits 9-10 minions plus me it really causes the game to choke. I think I will make a new character for now and come back to necromancer when updates drop.

Probably a good idea to wait for 0.9.

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