Frenzy Totem, Lead The Pack, Victory Howl

(I have 3/3 in Victory Howl and 1/5 in Lead The Pack)

I conjure up Frenzy Totem. One of two things happen, seemingly at random after pressing the Howl hotkey (outside of combat and no other actions taken)

  1. My Critical Strike Chance (CSC) goes from 5% to 14% (should only be 50% increase with 1 point in Lead The Pack (LTP)), then drops after a split second to 8% (which I believe is the correct amount), then down to 5% after another second or so.
  2. My CSC goes from 5% to 11% but then drops back to 5% after a second or so, bypassing the brief stop at 8%.

In neither case do the Wolves CSC change from the base of 5% according to the Minion Tab.

Neither my nor my Wolves CSC changes from the 5% base when Howl is triggered by the Wolf skill Victory Howl when it triggers. LTP does not say anything like “Only when Howl is cast by the Player” so I would expect it to work via Victory Howl.

So aside from that weird behavior, LTP does not say how long the extra critical should last but the assumption is that it should last for the duration of the Frenzy Totem.

Am I misinterpreting something here?


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