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Frenzy Totem + Eterras Blessing interaction. Autocast possible with Healing Pulse - Frenzy Totem node?


I’m currently rerolling a bleed Wolf Beastmaster and before i waste any points i want to ask if both trees function together.

My goal is to cast Eterras Blessing automatically with the Frenzy Totem “Healing Pulse” node while gaining minion buffs like “Ardent Touch” and “Savage Boon” from Eterras Blessing.

Basically to have better QoL while running monoliths,etc.

The interaction does work, but even running a one-minion build, the interaction is rather inconsistent. I wouldn’t imagine running it on a multi-companion build, where there’s only a 20% chance of the totem using Eterra’s Blessing at all, and even then, the ally it chooses is random, and can cast it on the totem itself. I personally don’t think the added QoL is worth it, but the technical answer to your question is “yes”