Freezing Aura and Multiple Sources of Fire Aura Question

Hello all! I was planning out a cold dot Spellblade build and ran into something I’m unsure of. I want to include fire aura and saw I can get it from both the Spellblade’s passive tree (via Flame Walker Node) and from Flame Shield (via Flame Aura node). Both passive trees then have nodes to convert Fire Aura to cold damage.

My question is; would I need to take both conversion nodes to make sure all of my Fire Auras cast as Freezing Aura? I wanted to check in here to see if I could get the answer before I have a chance to level a mage myself.

I would assume that this is the way it works, but the wording is not clear. There’s no sort of language along the lines of “Convert Fire Aura from this source/skill to Freezing Aura” or “When this source/skill casts Fire Aura, it instead casts Freezing Aura” that I would expect if this is how it works. Thank you for any insight!

No, both nodes (well, the one in the skill does - This also globally converts Fire Aura to cold and grants it a Freeze Rate.) specify that they are global conversions (they’re one of the few examples of global conversions in the game).

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Oh wow thanks for pointing that out! I was definitely looking at the spellblade passive that doesn’t explain that more. That actually works out to be really efficient for passive class points. Guess I’m even more excited to get this spellblade going then.

I’d expect the passive to convert all instances as it’s a global effect for your character while nodes in skills are local to the skill unless they say they are global.

But what exactly does it scale with? Since there are a lot of skills which keep scaling with the first element, I’m unsure. Does it scale with fire damage or cold damage after taking the passive?

means it won’t benefit from the fire dmg anymore?

  1. Also according to lastepochtools it can’t ignite on hit and therefore can’t chill on hit either? Is this correct?

If you have a passive that gives global conversion of the fire auras to a different element then any instance of fire auras will be converted (anything else is a bug) and should scale with the new element (if they don’t, that’s a bug).

If you’ve converted fire aura to cold or lightning then they don’t scale with fire anymore as they loose the fire tag and gain the other one.

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