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Freeze rate multiplier after logging out


I do not plan on trying to recreate the bug, I was having trouble freezing enemies after grinding content and had new items that increased my freeze rate multiplier to +1361% probably had 800 or 900% before.

After logging out and rejoining it appears to have fixed my freeze rate to being acceptable rather than non existent.

Potential bug is that adding the items that improved freeze rate multi did not effect my character when equipped but did when I re-logged.

What was your character/build (Last Epoch Build Planner)? What were you trying to freeze when it wasn’t working? Could you upload your log file from before/after you logged off after it wasn’t working properly?

I’ll try and locate the files another time, only noticed the difference after having to restart the game.

The game keeps the log files from the last two times you logged off, so as long as you’ve not logged back on again it’ll be fine.

Not sure what is going on here by your description. If you notice something weird with how freeze rate is working, I would post a video or screenshots with what numbers are changing and what items are interacting to trigger this bug.