Freeze Foes to DEATH! Avalanche Shaman Build Guide - Cycle 1.1

Video guide with mapping/bossing showcase:
Freeze Foes to DEATH! Avalanche Shaman Build Guide & Showcase - Last Epoch Cycle 1.1 (

Find the detailed itemization & skill trees in the build planner:

(Last Epoch Tools Build guide waiting for approval)

Pros / Cons


  • High damage, melts rares and bosses

  • Good AoE

  • long-lasting (pre-emptive) damage areas, very good to clear arena echos

  • Freeze all rares/exile mages/nemesis, sometimes bosses too.


  • Needs ton of mana regen, during bosses you need to pace yourself and get melee hits in for more regeneration

  • Avalanche has a slight delay, it’s better to cast at the edge of the screen when clearing the map.

  • Not as tanky as other builds, e.g ward builds

How to get Damage



Cold conversion → boulder AoE for overlap → large boulders → base crit & small boulder proc → mana cost reduction


Crit & Cold damage boost, Maelstrom stacks, Totem for bonuses and better buff uptime. Frailty stacks.

Thorn Totems

Maximum number, reduce mana cost/regain mana

Gathering Storm

mana regen on hit (improved by shaman passive) & maximum stack generation from hitting + minions


perma frenzy/haste, chills. Procc’d from Warcry and chance on kill/getting hit. It’s not manually used, don’t put it on your skill bar

You can put Fury Leap for movement or Eterra’s Blessing for healing, or even Storm Crows to generate Storm Bolt stacks.


Get Mana Regen! It’s your main bottleneck for total DPS. I play with something around 25-30.


I prefer staff but you can go wand & shield, I might switch later. Spell crit chance will allow you to reach 100% crit on Avalanche. Shared cold penetration in suffixes.


Most important is cold damage per totem, you end up with a whopping 240% increased cold damage. Second affix should be proc avalanche boulder on spell cast.


either leech relic with Avalanche levels or Havar’s set relic (mostly for the shred armour)

Most important blessings are Spell Leech and Shred Cold Resistance.


Penetration > base spell damage > attunement. Mana regeneration is king also.

How to get Defense

Rares/exile mages/nemesis get perma-frozen!

Totems tank some hits, useful during boss encounters.


You can use Titan Heart if you go Staff. lots of %health, 15% damage reduction.

Cap resistances, get health (flat and %) & endurance/endurance threshold.

at least one of:

Spell leech relic

Spell leech blessing

On your belt get the cleanse when using potion.


I don’t use resistances from totems because I find it rippy. It’s ok for shamans using Totems as their main skill, but not for a caster shaman in my opinion. Feel free to do so though

Endurance & Endurance Threshold (20 per Maelstrom stack!)

Mana cost as health in the Druid tree.

Could also go for health regen per 3 attunement at the end but meh.



Conflux for increased AoE, better clear but I don’t think it makes boulders overlap more or overlap less.

Cast Speed while totem is active (not DPS increase because we can’t outsustain the Avalanche mana cost).

Totem Duration to cast thorn totems less often, and better uptime for Warcry buffs.

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