Fragment of Enigma unique bugged

the “fragment of Enigma” unique is not adding damage to spark charges
a character with 70 intelligence and 139% increased lighting damage (wielding no weapons) has a spark charge tooltip dps of 199
this example character has no added bonuses, and no penetration or other damage sources

equiping the unique raises the spark charge tooltip damage to 426
equiping a scepter with 29 spell damage and 58% increased lightning damage raises the tooltip dps to 511
this unique should be granting (with the 14 bonus intelligence it provides in this case) 56% increased damage for spark charge, and a flat bonus of 168

it is VERY clear this unique is not adding the “+2 lightning damage per intelligence for spark charge” it should be

testing has shown the same, spark charges with just the scepter equiped do significantly more damage then with just the unique equiped

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yea this item definitly needs to be looked at

Running into this myself, I actually completely ignored the tooltip assuming it would be meaningless and tested it on a dummy. Increasing/decreasing my int only increased and decreased my damage in proportion to the %inc attribute scaling, NOT in proportion to the large amount of flat damage it should provide.

In addition, I have encountered this item bugging out on the +1 to lightening skills stat as well. I put the item on and it applies + 1, when I allocate that level point for a skill and go back to the skill menu to do the same for other skills the +1 is gone on all skills, including the one I just applied it to, until a re-equip. The skill that I applied it to seems to remove the most recently allocated point in favour of the one I tried to apply from the +1 stat if possible.

This happens alongside the bug noted above which I also observed in terms of damage output not lining up.

Got the same issue ;-(
I spent all my rune of ascendance and finaly get it but the damage doesn’t add up.
Does someone know how fast bug are corrected ?
I plan to put this character aside until the bug is corrected.

I wouldnt be suprised if it gets fixed fairly quickly, they have been bugfixing quite a lot since the multiplayer update so i dont expect you to have to wait to long

the +1 effect bug seems to be universal to all items which give +1 to more then one skill right now, its not specific to enigma
from my experience its just a visual bug, you can still actually assign the points you should have (just be carefull when you take it off again, because it doesnt remove the right points)

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