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Fractured Online (warning: completely irrelevant to LE)

As I noticed in chat people like to discuss other games, I thought some of you might be interested…

I just spent about half an hour in the open alpha weekend of Fractured Online.
So if you ever considered it, here is my review: I hated it.

It is basically a New World clone, but with much more crafting/gathering and much less story.
I know, it sounds impossible, but they managed!
Zero quests, zero NPCs (like, literally. I haven’t seen a single NPC. Incredible.)
No drops or stores (except AH-style player market), you have to craft everything, even your first weapon.
Pure survival / PvP stuff, pushed to the extreme… Nothing to do with an RPG at all.
Oh well, I guess that’s the new trend, some people probably like it. I don’t.

You’ve been warned!

Spent a bit of time reading through their marketing material… I tend to research to the extreme…

From what I see it looks like they are attempting to create a hybrid mix of the various overlapping parts of similar genres… MMOs, RPG, ARPG, SURVIVAL, CRAFTING, TRADING, FARMING, EXPLORATION etc… Yes, that does sound like Minecraft with the RLCraft Mod.

Even if I had not read your post, my gut is screaming that this is a seriously lofty goal and while it sounds wonderful in concept, I am not sure if they will be able to pull it off…especially considering they are a 10-man team in Italy (according to their about page)… They are also saying that it will not be a pay to win setup so they are going to have to be well funded to achieve what they are hoping to do…

Having not actually signed up to the beta (and would be unlikely to do so for a while), I would hesistate to offer any opinion other than putting it on a “Follow” list and watching it.

They have recently partnered with Gamigo.
Not the publisher with the highest reputation, but it might help them financially…

I don’t play anything else than Last Epoch currently. I started Cyberpunk and stopped, not because it’s bad (it’s very good IMO), but because I really wanted to play LE.

But I’m also waiting for this:

It’s a kind of spiritual successor to Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It’s not playable yet (except in close beta), but it looks very promising!

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Awww, Heroes of Might and Magic. Takes me back!
That was an amazing series of games in their time.

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Will have to see how they do then…

This is published by Coffee Stain which does Satisfactory - a game I have played and mentioned here before… Based on that experience and following Coffee Stain for a while, I would have high hopes for the Songs of Conquest - for those that like this kind of game obviously…

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That sounds absolutely AWFUL. New World was garbage because all the design effort went into crafting/gathering and almost nothing in the combat.

I followed Fractured closely but after they partnered with gamigo I’m done with the game ^^.