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Fractured Crown - bug or bad luck?

i crush about 85 gilded crowns with % of destructive over 12% and no Fractured Crown is made.
I thing it is a bad luck but, try to do this with t4>t5 affix and nothing.
I calculate probability of no Fractured Crown with 85 gilded and 10% destrictive and it is 0.00013. So i think it is not bad luck. What do you think?

I made one yesterday, chance for destructive fracture was about 25%.
I did about 15 tests and I got one crown. With low rolls.
How do you make your crowns?

I use Gilded Crown, upgrade with guardian glyphs till about 35 or more instability, take off glyphs and upgrade t4 skill to t5. Usually with destructive over 15%. And I have only gilded crowns…

OK, that’s the same for me. It seems you’ve had a bad streak. I’ve not heard about a bug with probabilities to get the crown, so let’s wait for EHG.

false alarm… after about 95t crown I made 1 one Fracured Crown.

One is not many, you’re still not lucky!
Hopefully you have at least one.

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