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Fracture chances seam off

I understand the concept of RNG and bad luck but I cannot express how many times a 96% chance item fractures. I normally would just chalk it up to bad luck but you have better success rates in Black Desert Online. I haven’t had a 100% fracture yet like some other people but I know my luck isn’t that bad. Am I the only one?

Thanks for the post!

We have some additional fixes for this which will be coming in future.


Another thing kinda related-- Those additive crafting scrolls. I am not positive but I am pretty sure I reached maximum scroll amount and it reset to 0. I am not positive but I am 99% sure because the 1-7 instability scrolls I don’t use often. Last I remembered I had like 71… Next time I look I had 12 lol. Anyone else experience this?

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